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Metrics Everywhere

E8e8b4a659aa388110b8f3e73c26fe8d?s=47 Cliff Hazell
November 01, 2012

Metrics Everywhere

Adapted and non-technical version of Coda Hale's "Metrics Metrics Metrics" - http://pivotallabs.com/talks/139-metrics-metrics-everywhere

Done as a 5min Lightening Talk @ Praekelt Retreat 2012


Cliff Hazell

November 01, 2012


  1. Everywhere Metrics @ixhd Cliff Hazell With credit to Coda Hale’s

    - “Metrics Metrics Metrics”
  2. Albert Einstein "We can't solve problems using the same thinking

    used to create them"
  3. to create Business Value Products

  4. WTF is Business Value?

  5. Anything that makes people more likely to give us money

  6. When it’s Live

  7. More Business Value More Money Better work

  8. Map != Territory

  9. 1mbps ADSL vs 10mbps ADSL

  10. shared by 10mbps ADSL 25 Units

  11. Confusion, Vanished

  12. Map -> Territory

  13. Meters Histograms Gauges Timers Counters

  14. If it affects your business value, add a metric Rule

  15. If it affects business value, someone should get woken up

    Rule #2
  16. Go Faster

  17. A - Act D - Decide O - Orient O

    - Observe
  18. Rinse, Repeat

  19. Go Faster = More Win

  20. tl;dr

  21. to generate We do work Business Value

  22. To know how we’re doing we need Metrics

  23. Monitor for current problems

  24. Aggregate for historical perspective

  25. Map != Territory Map -> Territory

  26. Better decisions by using numbers OODA

  27. Thank you @ixhd Cliff Hazell