Building Antifragile Relationships and Teams v1.5

Building Antifragile Relationships and Teams v1.5

What does it mean to build antifragile relationships and teams? Teams and organizations, at least successful ones, are based on relationships that "work." Often we say we want 'strong' or 'good' relationships, but is 'strong' good enough? We will look at ways you can identify if the foundation of your team relationship is fragile or antifragile. Then we will work with a number of approaches and tools to help you create or expand on the foundation of an antifragile for your team.

Help your team (or organization) move towards a space where your relationships and therefore teams can thrive. We will consider how to build an alliance with a team and how to setup, in advance, to deal with potential conflicts. We will also explore a number of common issues contributing to toxic team situations. Antifragile is not an endpoint. Like agile, it is a journey and mindset. The ideas we will explore are not just about "them", but are about "us" first. We have to start with us. What can WE bring to the table and what can WE do or be. Expect to work individually and with others in this interactive workshop.

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Jake Calabrese

May 14, 2015