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Spring Data Neo4j and Spring Boot

Spring Data Neo4j and Spring Boot

Speakers: Michael Hunger (Neo Technology) and Josh Long (Pivotal)

Spring Data Neo4j 3.0 is here and it supports Neo4j 2.0. Neo4j is a tiny graph database with a big punch. Graph databases are imminently suited to asking interesting questions, and doing analysis. Want to load the Facebook friend graph? Build a recommendation engine? Neo4j's just the ticket. Join Spring Data Neo4j lead Michael Hunger (@mesirii) and Spring Developer Advocate Josh Long (@starbuxman) for a look at how to build smart, graph-driven applications with Spring Data Neo4j and Spring Boot.


Michael Hunger

May 20, 2014


  1. S P R I N G   DATA   N

    EO 4 J   github.com/jexp/sdn-­‐twi5er-­‐boot W I T H S P R I N G   B O OT Michael  Hunger   Josh  Long   @mesirii   @starbuxman    
  2. Twi5er  Graph To become part of todays Twitter-Graph ✓your attendance

    ✓questions ✓remarks ✓.... please tweet with #springdata #neo4j
  3. 1. NOSQL, Connected Data, 2. Graph Databases and Neo4j 3.

    Spring Data Neo4j 4. Twitter-Graph - Sample App 5. Summary 6. Q & A Agenda
  4. NOSQL  -­‐  Not  Only  SQL

  5. NOSQL Relational Graph Document KeyValue Riak Column oriented Redis Cassandra

    Mongo Couch Neo4j MySQL Postgres NOSQL  Databases
  6. RDBMS Density ~= Complexity Column Family Volume ~= Size Key-Value

    Store Document Databases Graph Databases 90% of use cases Volume  vs.  Complexity
  7. Trends  in  BigData  /  NOSQL 1. increasing data size (big

    data) •“Every 2 days we create as much information as we did up to 2003” - Eric Schmidt 2. increasingly connected data (graph data) •for example, text documents to html 3. semi-structured data •individualization of data, with common sub-set 4. architecture - a facade over multiple services
  8. Graph  Databases

  9. 8 Graph  Database  Use  Cases

  10. EvoluJon  of  Web  Search Pre-1999 WWW Indexing Atomic Data 9

    1999 - 2012 Google Invents PageRank Simple Connected Data 2012-? Google Launches the
 Knowledge Graph Rich Connected Data
  11. EvoluJon  of  Online  Job  Search 2010-11 Resume Scoring Atomic Data

    2011-12 Social Job Search Connected Data X
  12. Social  Network 10

  13. (Network)  Impact  Analysis 11

  14. PracJcal  Cypher   CREATE ! ! (crm {name:"CRM"}),! ! (dbvm

    {name:"Database VM"}),! ! (www {name:"Public Website"}),! ! (wwwvm {name:"Webserver VM"}),! ! (srv1 {name:"Server 1"}),! ! (san {name:"SAN"}),! ! (srv2 {name:"Server 2"}),! ! ! (crm)-[:DEPENDS_ON]->(dbvm),! ! (dbvm)-[:DEPENDS_ON]->(srv2),! ! (srv2)-[:DEPENDS_ON]->(san),! ! (www)-[:DEPENDS_ON]->(dbvm),! ! (www)-[:DEPENDS_ON]->(wwwvm),! ! (wwwvm)-[:DEPENDS_ON]->(srv1),! ! (srv1)-[:DEPENDS_ON]->(san)! X
  15. PracJcal  Cypher   // Server 1 Outage! MATCH (n)<-[:DEPENDS_ON*]-(upstream)! WHERE

    n.name = "Server 1"! RETURN upstream! X upstream {name:"Webserver VM"} {name:"Public Website"}
  16. PracJcal  Cypher   // Public website dependencies! MATCH (n)-[:DEPENDS_ON*]->(downstream)! WHERE

    n.name = "Public Website"! RETURN downstream! ! X downstream {name:"Database VM"} {name:"Server 2"} {name:"SAN"} {name:"Webserver VM"} {name:"Server 1"}
  17. PracJcal  Cypher   // Most depended on component! MATCH (n)<-[:DEPENDS_ON*]-(dependent)!

    RETURN n, ! count(DISTINCT dependent) ! AS dependents! ORDER BY dependents DESC! LIMIT 1 X n dependents {name:"SAN" } 6
  18. 12 Route  Finding

  19. RecommendaJons 13

  20. LogisJcs 14

  21. Access  Control 15

  22. Workflow  Management 16

  23. Fraud  Analysis 17

  24. 4 Facebook Graph Search Everyone  is  Talking  about  Graphs

  25. 19 And  Everyone  is  Using  them

  26. Graph  Databases

  27. 21 user account user_account You  know  RelaJonal

  28. 22 Properties (key value pairs) + Indexes (finding start points)

    Emil Andrés Lars Johan Allison Peter Michael Tobias Andreas Ian Mica Delia knows knows knows knows knows knows knows knows knows knows Mica knows knows Mica Delia knows The  Property  Graph  Model Labels (categorize nodes) Nodes Relationships
  29. • a sample social graph –with ~1,000 persons • average

    50 friends per person • pathExists(a,b) limited to depth 4 • caches warmed up to eliminate disk I/O # persons query time Relational database 1.000 2000ms Neo4j 1.000 2ms Neo4j 1.000.000 But  what  about  Performance?
  30. 4 Andreas Peter Emil Allison knows knows knows knows Whiteboard

  31. Andreas How  do  I  query  this  Graph? MATCH (poster:User {name:"Andreas"})

    -[:POSTED]->(tweet) -[:MENTIONED]->(user) RETURN distinct user.name
  32. Example:  Graph  Search! 26

  33. Translate  to  Cypher 27 MATCH (person:Person)-[:IS_FRIEND_OF]->(friend), (friend)-[:LIKES]->(restaurant), (restaurant)-[:LOCATED_IN]->(loc:Location), (restaurant)-[:SERVES]->(type:Cuisine) !

    WHERE person.name = 'Philip' AND loc.location='New York' AND type.cuisine='Sushi' ! RETURN restaurant.name * Cypher query language example http://maxdemarzi.com/?s=facebook
  34. 28 Execute  the  Query

  35. 4 Neo4j  -­‐  A  Graph  Database?

  36. 4 - A Graph Database: - a schema-free Property Graph

    - perfect for complex, highly connected data - A Graph Database: - reliable with real ACID Transactions - scalable: billions nodes and relationships - fast with millons traversals / second - Server with REST API, or Embeddable on the JVM - higher-performance with High-Availability (read scaling) (Neo4j)-­‐[:IS_A]-­‐>(Graph  Database)
  37. 4 –Declarative query language –Describe what you want, not how

    –Based on pattern matching –First level support for graph concepts and collections MATCH (tag:Tag {tag:"springdata"}) MATCH (poster)-[:POSTED]->(tweet)<-[:TAGGED]-(tag) WHERE poster.age > 18 RETURN poster.name, collect(tweet.date) as dates, count(*) ORDER BY count(*) DESC LIMIT 10 Cypher  -­‐  A  Graph  Query  Language
  38. None
  39. Spring  Data • Easy access to NoSQL databases 

    Spring developers • Consistent APIs and concepts – configuration, repositories, object-mapping – don't hide power of each database • Shared common infrastructure • Support for several NOSQL approaches
 (Neo4j, MongoDB, Redis, Hadoop, …) 33 http://projects.spring.io/spring-data
  40. Spring  Data  Neo4j • Uses annotations to define graph entities

    • Entity state backed by graph database • Two modes of Object Graph Mapping • simple POJO Graph Mapping • advanced, seamless AspectJ backed Mapping • SD-Repositories support • Template, Config, Lifecycle • Neo4j Server Support 34 http://projects.spring.io/spring-data-neo4j
  41. Spring  Data  News • Spring Data Dijkstra Release is Today

    • Includes Spring Data Neo4j 3.1.GA 35 http://projects.spring.io/spring-data
  42. Sample  Spring  Data  Neo4j  +  Boot  ApplicaJon 36 github.com/jexp/sdn-twitter-boot •

    uses Spring Social (minimally) • Simple Domain: Tweets, Users, Tags • connected Entities • Repositories, Service • Standalone Application with spring-boot • either embedded Neo4j-Database, or • local Neo4j-Server
  43. Domain  Model 37 :Tweet MENTIONS :Tweet :User :User POSTED POSTED

  44. Spring  Data  Book • Written by Spring Data Leads •

    Covers most SD projects 38 50 e-book copies available for you!
  45. • Wednesday, Oct. 22 - graphconnect.com • Only conference focused

    on graphDBs and applications powered by graphs • Register now for $99 Alpha Geek Passes, Neo4j training courses additional $99 GRAPHCONNECT! SF 2014
  46. •Visit http://neo4j.com •Learn Online http://graphacademy.com •Spring Data Neo4j http://spring.io/projects LEARN

  47. 41 Thank  You! QuesDons? @starbuxman  |  @mesirii

  48. Introducing  The Twitter-

  49. Whiteboard  it  -­‐  abstract :Tweet MENTIONS :Tweet :User :User POSTED

  50. Whiteboard  friendly  -­‐  example Attending the #SDN #Neo4j meetup MENTIONS

    Looking forward to my @peterneub POSTED POSTED #Neo4j TAGGED TAGGED #SDN TAG G ED
  51. Spring Data

  52. Spring  Data ๏Spring Data: Pivotal initiative to give Spring developers

    easy access to the emerging world of NOSQL ๏Build on top of common infrastructure ๏Spring Data Neo4j is the integration library for Neo4j ๏http://projects.spring.io/spring-data ๏Support for other NOSQL approaches
  53. Spring  Data  Neo4j ๏The brain child of Rod Johnson &

    Emil Eifrém •Wrote functional initial prototype •Developed by Neo Technology and SpringSource teams ๏Uses annotations to define graph entities ๏Entity state backed by graph database ๏Two modes of Object Graph Mapping •simple POJO Graph Mapping
  54. public class Tag { private final Node underlyingNode; ! Tag(

    final Node node ) { underlyingNode = node; } ! public Node getUnderlyingNode() { return underlyingNode; } ! public final String getTag() { return (String) underlyingNode.getProperty( “tag” ); Classic  Neo4j  domain  class
  55. ! ! ! ! ! @Indexed(unique = true) ! !

    ! ! @NodeEntity public class Tag { @GraphId private Long id; private String tag; } Spring  Data  Neo4j  domain  class
  56. Defining  enJty  classes •@NodeEntity • Represents a node in the

    graph • Fields saved as properties on node • Object references stored as relationships between nodes • Instantiated using Java ‘new’ keyword, like any POJO • Also returned by lookup mechanisms • Type information stored in the graph as
  57. Defining  enJty  classes •@RelationshipEntity • Represents a relationship in the

    graph • Fields saved as properties on relationship • Special fields for start- and end-nodes • Only returned by lookup methods
  58. ! @NodeEntity public class Tweet { @GraphId private Long id;

    ! @Indexed(unique=true) Long tweetId; ! String text; ! @Fetch User sender; // eager loading ! @RelatedTo(type="TAGGED") Collection<Tag> tags; Tweet  domain  class
  59. 53 Interface based Repositories ๏based on Repository infrastructure in Spring

    Data Commons ๏just define the interface and the namespace configuration ๏provide out-of-the-box support for •CRUD-Operations •Index-Lookups •Traversal-Execution •Annotated Graph-Queries (Cypher, Gremlin)
  60. Repositories interface TweetRepository extends GraphRepository<Tweet> { Tweet findByTweetId(String id); Collection<Tweet>

    findByTagsTag(String tag); } @EnableNeo4jRepositories("org.neo4j.twitter_graph.repositories") @Configuration @Controller public class TwitterController { @Autowired TweetRepository tweetRepository; ! @RequestMapping(value = "/tweet/{id}",...) public String show(Model model, @PathVariable String id) { Tweet tweet = tweetRepository.findByTweetId(id); model.addAttribute("tweet", tweet); return "/tweet/show"; 54
  61. 55 Neo4j-Template (I) ๏well known Spring Template Pattern ๏Resource /

    Transaction Management ๏Convenience Methods ๏Nodes and Entities handling & conversion ๏Fluent Query Result Handling ๏Works also via REST with Neo4j-Server ๏Exception Translation
  62. 56 REST-Client-Support ! ๏drop-in replacement for the embedded GraphDatabase ๏works

    transparently with POJO-Entity-Mapping and  Neo4j-Template @EnableNeo4jRepositories @Configuration class MyConfig extends Neo4jConfiguration { @Bean public GraphDatabaseService graphDatabaseService() { return new SpringRestGraphDatabase(URL); } }
  63. 57 Cypher Query Language ๏Declarative query language •Describe what you

    want, not how •Based on graph patterns •Expressive - easy to read and learn •Powerful ‣Read and write operations ‣Support for graph concepts
  64. 58 Cypher Query Language ๏Write-Queries create graph structures •Add follows

    to a user •Create a complete tweet. MERGE (user:User {user:"starbuxman"}) FOREACH (name in ["ah3rz","springsource","mesirii"] | MERGE (other:User {user:name}) MERGE (user)-[:FOLLOWS]->(other)) ! MATCH (user:User {name:"mesirii"}) CREATE (tweet:Tweet {text:"Love to work with @starbuxman on #SpringData #Neo4j demos"})<- [:POSTED]-(user)) FOREACH (tag in ["SpringData","Neo4j"] | MERGE (t:Tag {tag:tag}) MERGE (tweet)-[:TAGGED]->(t))
  65. 59 Cypher Query Language ๏Read-Queries answer use-case questions •Whom should

    I follow? •Which tags where often used with "java"? MATCH (me:User {user:"starbuxman"}) MATCH (me)-[:POSTED]->(tweet)-[:MENTIONS]->(user) WHERE not (me)-[:FOLLOWS]-(user) RETURN user ! MATCH (tag:Tag {tag:"java"}) MATCH (tag)<-[:TAGGED]-(tweet)-[:TAGGED]->(co_tag) RETURN co_tag.tag, COUNT(*) as cnt ORDER BY cnt DESC LIMIT 10
  66. Spring Data NEW

  67. 61 Spring Boot ๏Rapid Application Development ๏Like a dynamic programming

    enviroment but in Java & Spring ๏spring-boot-starter ๏spring-data, spring-data-neo4j, spring-data- rest ๏web, thymeleaf
  68. 62 Spring Data Neo4j 3.x ๏Support for Neo4j 2.x ๏Support

    for Labels ๏Support for "optional schema" ๏Indexes + Constraints ๏New Cypher Syntax ๏Supports geospatial primitives
  69. 63 Coding the Twitter-

  70. 64 Todays Coding Exercise ๏uses Spring Social (minimally) ๏Simple Domain:

    Tweets, Users, Tags •connected Entities •Repositories, Service ๏Standalone Application with spring-boot •either embedded Neo4j-Database, or
  71. 65 Demo Time

  72. X Spring Data Neo4j Guidebook “Good Relationships” ๏Spring Data Neo4j

    comes with a great Guide Book, featuring: •Forewords by Rod Johnson and Emil Eifrem •An easy to read, narrative tutorial walkthrough for 
 cineasts.net “I’m excited about Spring Data Neo4j.... Spring Data Neo4j makes working with Neo4j amazingly easy, and therefore has the potential to make you more successful as a developer.” Rod Johnson, founder of Spring
  73. http://cineasts.net Check Out: http://spring.neo4j.org/tutorial

  74. 66 O‘Reilly Spring Data Book „Modern Data Access for Enterprise

    •book by the Spring Data project leads •introduction to Spring Data & SD-repositories •covers all subprojects •e-book available for YOU, 

  75. ConJnue  here ๏See the Spring Data Neo4j site for more

 http://spring.neo4j.org ๏Again, don’t miss our guidebook on Spring Data Neo4j
 published by InfoQ also printed
 http://bit.ly/sdn-book ๏All about Neo4j: 
 http://neo4j.org ๏Neo4j & SDN videos and webinars: 
 http://video.neo4j.org ๏local Neo4j meetup groups
  76. • 5/13 - How eBay Now (Shutl) delivers even faster

    using Neo4j at eBay in San Jose • 5/20 - WEBINAR: Data-Driven Applications with Spring and Neo4j • 5/23 - Let Me Graph That For You with Ian Robinson, co- author of Graph Databases, at Hack Reactor in SF • 5/28 - GraphPANEL Silicon Valley at AOL in Palo Alto • And more at: meetup.com/graphdb-sf UPCOMING EVENTS
  77. 68 Thank You! Feel free to reach out with questions

    on ! •Twitter @starbuxman, @mesirii, •Spring-Forums, •Neo4j-Google-Group •Stack-Overflow