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How to Create an Effective End Screen for YouTube Video - 2021

How to Create an Effective End Screen for YouTube Video - 2021

Learn here how to add end screen in YouTube. Let us start with how to create a YouTube end screen. Click here to know more!!


John subscriber

May 04, 2021


  1. How to Create an Effective End Screen for YouTube Video

    in 2021
  2. When a viewer finishes watching your video, there are a

    number of options he/she can do next. She/he can watch another video in the Suggested Video sidebar or head back to YouTube’s homepage. Or, they can even leave the platform altogether. Leveraging end screen templates, you can win the race by using your YouTube End Screen to link to other videos and playlists. You can also embrace an ample subscribe button! Many creators buy permanent YouTube subscribers to expand their audience. So, let us understand deeply; what actually End screens are, their significance, how to add end screen in YouTube and the best practices to create the effective ones.
  3. What is an End Screen? An end screen also called

    video outros is a useful tool, card, overlay, group of elements, kind of template or a clickable box that can be added to the last 5-20 seconds of a video that YT offers creators to direct the target audience to take action. You can include four types of content in your end screen on YT, essentially known as elements. Namely; • Video/playlist: You can link the video to a related or dissimilar individual video or even to a playlist of multiple videos. • Channel: You can promote subscription via a button or link it to a different channel. • Subscribe: You can provide a link or a button to your own channel where a viewer can click to subscribe. • Merchandise/Website/crowd funding: You can offer links to your website, affiliates or to a crowd funding campaign.
  4. Why is using YouTube End Screen Important?

  5. • Help to increase views, watch-time, traffic, engagement & subscribers-

    You can use them to coagulate your connection with your target audience by encouraging them to interact & engage with your content in terms of likes, comments, shares & subscription. • To get better ranking with YouTube algorithm- A video which leads a viewer to stay longer on the platform conventionally gets higher ranking in the search pages assorted by the algorithm. Remember you must target best practices to please YouTube’s algorithm. • Convince the target audience to take action- If you want to point viewers to related videos from your channel, convey them to like the video or subscribe to your channel, include a link to your website, or all of the above, a YT outro stretches you one last opportunity to engage your audience and motivate clicks.
  6. • Direct users to a fundraising site- You can leverage

    your valuable last 5-20 seconds to ask your target audience to donate towards a crowd funding campaign driving funds for a non-profit organization or investing in your video making essential equipment, software or for other purposes.
  7. Best practices to make effective End screens

  8. Select the perfect video- To create YouTube end screen which

    is effective you must promote a video that converts a good quantity of viewers into channel subscribers. Find the video which is potential to convert, therefore promote it to boost your channel’s growth. Select a related/similar video- You can feature a video that’s relevant to your target audience need. Send traffic to your website- You can use your End Screen to drive more target audience to your site. Bid viewers something specific that they can get by visiting your site, like a discount code, report, or extra content. Leverage YouTube analytics to track your progress- You can study the End screens report in the YouTube analytics to discover how effective your End screens are. Promote your brand- You can use consistent branding, colours, logos, editing styles, etc. to help your target audience identify your brand and build trust. Choose proper CTAs- You can ask for more than one action to be taken and provide your target audience with more options, but validate that the YouTube CTAs you’re optimizing for actually are based on the video they watched up to full length.
  9. I hope you found this guide helpful on, what are

    YouTube End screens and how to make them effective. Feel free to share!
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