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YouTube Live streaming: A complete guide to YouTube Live (2021)

YouTube Live streaming: A complete guide to YouTube Live (2021)

Learn here How to live stream on YouTube from a phone. Let us begin by understanding YouTube live streaming. Click here to know more!!


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May 03, 2021


  1. YouTube Live Streaming: A Complete Guide to YouTube Live in

  2. Live streaming has always been one of the more preferred

    forms of content for a long time. Streams are used by many personalities, including celebrities, athletes, gamers, comedians, etc. If you have questions about how to live stream on YouTube, then you have arrived at the right place. Let’s dive deeper into the topic and look at the benefits of live streaming.
  3. What is YouTube live streaming?  YouTube live streaming, more

    commonly known as YouTube live – is a feature used to interact with your audience in real-time. The user on YouTube can find live streams on the left-hand side of the homepage under the live section.  YouTubers also buy legit YouTube subscribers when they want more audience for their live streams. Subscribers receive notifications before the creator goes live.
  4. FOUR ways for YouTube live streaming.

  5. 1.How to live stream on YouTube from PC • Go

    to www.youtube.com and log into your account, • Press the camcorder icon on the top-right screen corner. • From the drop-down menu, select “Go Live,” then choose the Webcam. • Set your live stream title, select the privacy setting. You can live stream now or schedule YouTube live for some time in the future. • Select “More options” to set a description, toggle live chat, reveal promotions, monetization, and more. • By clicking on “Next,” YT will set a webcam thumbnail picture automatically. You can also upload a photo from your device storage. • Hit on “Go Live”. • Press “End Stream” when you are done.
  6. 2. How to live stream on YouTube from a phone

    • You have to first download the “YouTube App” from the Google Play Store (Android) and App Store (IOS). • Open the YouTube app and click on the camcorder icon in the top right corner. • Select Go Live. • Set your Title and add privacy settings. • Add description by selecting “More options.” Press “Show more” to toggle live chat, monetization, set age restrictions, make available promotions, schedule time for live stream, and more. • Tap on Show Less to exit. Press Next, YT automatically takes a webcam thumbnail photo. You can also upload a photo from your device storage. • Click “Go live.” • Once done, tap on “Finish” and “OK” to End stream.
  7. 3. How to live stream on YouTube via software encoder

    • First, you have to download and install streaming software. • Go to YouTube and select the “Create or post” button on the top-right corner. • Click “Go Live.” • Navigate to YouTube Live Control Room, select “Stream” in the above navigation bar. • Select a title for your stream, add a description, select a category, choose privacy setting and upload a thumbnail. • You can stream now or schedule it for a later date. • Press “Create stream.” • Copy the “Stream key” that pops up; if you accidentally closed it, look at the bottom left corner of the Live Control Room. • Open the streaming software and paste the “Stream Key.” If you need the “Stream URL,” you can find it in the preference menu or settings.
  8. • Start the stream from your streaming software if you

    are immediately going live; if you have scheduled your stream, open the streaming software at the appropriate time and start the stream. • Back in YouTube Live Control Room, you can see the preview window. Click “Go Live” on the top right corner to begin streaming. • End stream via your streaming software once you are done.
  9. 4. How to live stream on YouTube via hardware encoder

    • Let’s use the example of the Pearl-2 hardware encoder: • Go to YT and select the “Create a video or post” button present on the top-right screen corner. • Click “Go Live.” • From the YouTube Live Control Room, select “Stream” from the top bar. • Add a Title, description for your stream, select privacy setting, choose a category and upload a thumbnail. • You can schedule your stream for a later date or go live immediately. • Press “Create Stream.” A window will appear with your “Stream key” along with “Stream URL,” you can also find this information in the bottom left corner of the Live Control Room. • Access Pearl web UI, click “Streaming” below the channel for live stream. • Paste your “Stream URL and Stream key” into the “URL” and “Stream name” sections.
  10. • Tap on “Apply.” • Press “Start” on the top-right

    corner if you want to broadcast now. • If you scheduled your YouTube live stream for some other time, select “Start” on the Pearl UI to set time. Go back to the YouTube Live Control Room, where you will see a preview window. • Select “Go Live” on the top-right corner to begin your stream.
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