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The State of Open Source Serverless

The State of Open Source Serverless

Serverless architecture and technologies change the way software is designed and created by removing server management, cutting costs and providing almost “infinite” scalability.

Notably born as a closed source solution with AWS Lambda in 2014, Serverless has grown in the open source and Cloud Native landscape over the years with projects like OpenFaaS and KNATIVE.

Resources at: https://deployeveryday.com/2020/04/22/state-open-source-resources.html

In this presentation, Jonatas will talk about the Serverless state in the open source world, walking through projects and their architectures, technologies, achievements, and communities, showing how they got here and discussing their challenges for the future.


Jonatas Baldin

April 28, 2020


  1. The State of Open Source Serverless

  2. Jonatas “jojo” Baldin Cloud Native Engineer | Container Solutions @jonatasbaldin

  3. serverless?

  4. no server management not worrying about scalability paying for what

    u use event-driven system
  5. noiseless

  6. Function as a Service

  7. Function as a Service

  8. Function as a Service

  9. Function as a Service

  10. Function as a Service

  11. Function as a Service hey cloud, when there’s a request

    in thisdomain.io can you trigger my code?
  12. Function as a Service hey cloud, when there’s a request

    in thisdomain.io can you trigger my code?
  13. Function as a Service

  14. Function as a Service

  15. Function as a Service

  16. Function as a Service

  17. None
  18. None
  19. None
  20. None
  21. open source serverless?

  22. None
  23. None
  24. None
  25. open source serverless!

  26. None
  27. None
  28. CNCF Survey 2019

  29. CNCF Survey 2019

  30. common ground?

  31. container as a function

  32. DOCKERFILE is the new .zip

  33. Knative OpenWhisk

  34. None
  35. None
  36. kubernetes is a platform to build platforms, it is far

    from the end game Kelsey Hightower, 2018
  37. k8s as a foundation

  38. k8s ecosystem

  39. k8s ecosystem

  40. http & events

  41. cli, dashboard, yaml, crd

  42. about server mgmt

  43. platform team development team end users

  44. the platforms

  45. OpenFaaS

  46. not strictly tied to Kubernetes k3s, k8s, openshift, swarm, faasd

  47. None
  48. None
  49. github.com/openfaas-incubator

  50. None
  51. Knative

  52. Bring Your Own Container

  53. eventing serving

  54. expose a webserver on port 8080 eventing serving

  55. expose a webserver on port 8080 listen to CloudEvents eventing

  56. Event System 100% CloudEvents

  57. Google Cloud Run Red Hat Open Shift Serverless Managed Knative

    IBM Kubernetes Services Pivotal Function Service TriggerMesh Cloud
  58. None
  59. Apache OpenWhisk

  60. powers IBM Cloud Functions

  61. None
  62. Scala!

  63. hides k8s very well no CRD, kubectl-like experience

  64. unique spec

  65. None
  66. openwhisk-composer

  67. None
  68. riff

  69. powers Pivotal Function Service (alpha)

  70. uses Knative Serving as runtime

  71. Cloud Native Buildpacks

  72. None
  73. None
  74. Nuclio

  75. focused on Data Science pipelines

  76. access to GPU

  77. easiest to get up and running

  78. None
  79. None
  80. nuclio-jupyter

  81. quick shout out for other tools

  82. None
  83. None
  84. $ func kubernetes deploy --name func …

  85. None
  86. None
  87. None
  88. CNCF Serverless Working Group

  89. CNCF Serverless Whitepaper

  90. None
  91. None
  92. None
  93. why should you care about open source serverless?

  94. things that are amazing open source leverage of k8s ecosystem

    observability “avoid lock-in” unlimited resource consumption fine-tuned scalability
  95. things that could will be better maturity learning content server

  96. The State of Open Source Serverless

  97. thanks Alex Ellis Andres Martines Gotor Lian Li Markus Thömmes

    Matt Moore Ta-Ching Chen specially to @jonatasbaldin https:/ /bit.ly/3bLz3cX