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Flutter Study Jam: Creating Your Own Animated Widgets

Flutter Study Jam: Creating Your Own Animated Widgets

Gave a talk on the implicitly animated widgets in Flutter, and how someone can easily create their own animated widgets.




Joshua de Guzman

September 24, 2019


  1. Flutter Study Jam #1 Creating Your Own Animated Widgets Sponsored

    by Freelancer.com Philippines Ecotower, Taguig City 1630
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  3. Events September 24, 2019 Flutter Study Jam #1: Everything is

    a Widget, Flutter Animations Registration is closed October 1, 2019 Flutter Study Jam #2: State Management, RESTful APIs in Flutter Registration: Opens Tonight October 2019 Flutter Philippines Online Hackathon 2019 Registration: Opens Tonight

  5. Agenda Keynote Flutter Intro by Joshua de Guzman Study Jam

    Session #1 Flutter 101 by Oliver Atienza Study Jam Session #2 Creating Your Own Animated Widgets in Flutter by Joshua de Guzman
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  13. Creating Your Own Animated Widgets in Flutter Joshua de Guzman

    Mobile Engineer, Freelancer.com Volunteer, Flutter Philippines
  14. Agenda 1. Animations 101 2. Implicit and Explicitly Animated Widgets

    3. Creating Your Own Animated Widgets 4. Other Flutter Animation Magic! 5. Wrap up!
  15. Animations 101

  16. None
  17. Flutter Animations

  18. Flutter Animations Animation Tween AnimationController CurvedAnimation

  19. Physics https://medium.com/@erdoganbavas/physics-based-animations-in-flutter-1d20130919a1 Tween https://medium.com/flutter-community/flutter-animation-easy-way-of-learning-the-flutter-implicit-ani mation-widgets-pt-1-712f2b78f6b5

  20. Tween https://github.com/mitesh77/Best-Flutter-UI-Templates

  21. Implicit and Explicitly Animated Widgets

  22. Creating Your Own Animated Widgets

  23. Live Coding

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