Skyrocket Your Cross Browser Testing with Minimal Effort

Skyrocket Your Cross Browser Testing with Minimal Effort

One thing that is evident with developers is their preferences for IDE, Operating System, Browser, etc. If you take the case of web developers, a majority of them have an affinity towards certain types of browsers; due to that preference they prefer cross browser testing their source code only on ‘browsers of their choice’. After testing, the functionalities programmed by the web developer may work fine on specific browsers, but the situation in the real world is completely different. The users of your web-app or website might come from different parts of the world and may have a different preference towards browsers (or browser versions), some customer may even prefer to use completely outdated browsers which are having a minuscule market share in the browser market. How can you & your team deal with such kind of a situation? It is not possible to test the functionalities on all ‘existing browsers’ running on the various OS and it is not recommended to verify the code on a subset of browsers.

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May 07, 2019