JavaFX - Custom Controls

7c61dd08cacb66024f77fc45f51899f9?s=47 Karakun
December 05, 2018

JavaFX - Custom Controls

Gerrit presents his two open source frameworks TilesFX and Medusa. TilesFX is used for creating professional and sophisticated dashboards. Medusa delivers a huge set of custom controls that implement gauges, ideal for monitoring applications. Gerrit will share many tricks on how to accomplish eye candy effects.



December 05, 2018


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    Karakun CONTROL + SKIN ๏Ideal for "library" controls ๏Can be

    style with CSS ๏Separate Logic and UI code ๏Re-Use of Logic code for different skins
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    Karakun CANVAS ๏Ideal for complex controls ๏Cannot be styled with

    CSS ๏Contains Logic and UI code ๏Mouse event handling is more complex ๏Not supported by JPro
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    Karakun How does it work? ๏ Canvas Node ๏ Draw

    characters ๏ Create image by performing a snapshot of the canvas A B Z C
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    Karakun THINGS TO AVOID ๏ Changing the Scene Graph at

    Runtime ๏ Use too many nodes ๏ Third-party dependencies ๏ Use of bindings from laziness ๏ Use of shadows (if not really needed) ๏ Update the UI from outside the UI thread
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    Karakun EMBEDDED ๏Keep number of nodes as low as possible

    ๏Use Canvas where possible ๏Avoid all kinds of effects
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    Karakun MOBILE ๏Keep number of nodes low if possible ๏Design

    for a small screen (reduce details) ๏Design for vertical screen orientation ๏Have usability and user experience in mind ๏No standard JavaFX webview
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    Karakun WEB ๏Nodes will be rendered using SVG -> Hardware

    Acceleration in Browser ๏No support for JavaFX Canvas ๏Webview not straight foward ๏Great for dashboards etc.
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