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How to download Historical Twitter data and Twitter archive search?

How to download Historical Twitter data and Twitter archive search?

Download Historical Twitter Data of past years related to any hashtag, keyword or user mention. Get data which can be collected in csv as well as JSON format.
Visit : https://www.trackmyhashtag.com/historical-twitter-data



July 13, 2021


  1. How to download Historical Twitter data and Twitter Archive Search?

  2. Historical Twitter data is something that you can leverage to

    better understand the likes and preferences of your target audience and fine-tune your marketing strategy accordingly.
  3. Historical Twitter data is full of valuable analytical insights. Until

    a few years ago, accessing Twitter data required specialized technical skills. But the emergence of third-party tools has made it much easier to not only access Twitter data but also extract comprehensive insights in the form of analytics. Don’t waste any more time exploring the various alternatives, initiate TrackMyHashtag’s free trial and test the effectiveness of the tool yourself.
  4. Trackmyhashtag internal software analyzes the raw Twitter data given by

    customers and provides lots of useful hashtag analytics free on a beautiful online dashboard.
  5. Online dashboard analytics

  6. Potential reach, Potential impression of the hashtag, keyword or mention

    on Twitter. Total contributors means the total number of people engaged with the Tweet or hashtag on Twitter.
  7. Most popular, retweeted and liked Tweets The most popular, retweeted

    and liked Tweets among all the Tweets related to a hashtag or topic which helps in defining the likes and dislikes of the audience
  8. Top contributors, influencers and retweeters Identify all the influencers and

    contributors related to a hashtag or topic and rank them on the basis of their effectiveness.
  9. Top Links, hashtags, media & URLs

  10. All Tweets

  11. Tweet timeline analytics and pattern The graphical representation helps you

    to search the time interval of Tweets posted. You can identify the most dense date and time of tweeting for any hashtag or topic on Twitter.
  12. Get more analytics on dashboard A graphical representation helps you

    know the type and percentage of languages being used in the Tweet. A geographical representation of tweets that mentioned the specified hashtag or keyword all over the world. The most used device platform is being used to post a Tweet. A graph presents the Twitter account age and contributor’s year of joining Twitter.
  13. Download historical Twitter data with TrackMyHashtag? TrackMyHashtag is the perfect

    tool that can help you effectively extract and analyze data with ease.
  14. Go to this page - Historical Twitter data Fill in

    the ‘Request Twitter historical data’ form. After you submit the form a sales rep will get back to you with the pricing and other details. Just follow these simple steps, Downloading Twitter data is as simple as that.
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