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Inn Lab

Inn Lab



March 01, 2016


  1. The Innovation kpmg Lab

  2. 1. The Innovation Lab 2. Design Thinking

  3. 2020 40 Trillion Gigabytes Data is exploding and moving faster

    than ever 2015 2010 Stream data is rapidly growing and is likely to become the majority of unstructured data in the future Within stream data lies vital information critical to detecting emerging threats and opportunities Enterprises need to be able to detect these emerging threats and opportunities in real- time, while it is still possible to act on them
  4. First-generation business intelligence & analytics tools are no longer enough

  5. Market Demand A Radical Solution is Needed Enterprises need a

    new generation of business intelligence that is designed to be intuitively useful by anyone, without help from data scientists
  6. Our Answer: The Innovation Lab

  7. cores Gb RAM 2 8 Personal Computer

  8. Our Supercomputer cores Gb RAM 20,000 8x100

  9. Machine Learning / Deep Learning Going Beyond Generic Predictions

  10. Technology Stack Visualizations QlikView Advanced Analytics Coming Soon Data Storage

    & Database Systems PostgreSQL Coming Soon Hadoop Suite Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) DATA NEUOSYSTEM Coming Soon Data Sources Enterprise: Oracle, SAP, Customer Systems, etc. KPMG Proprietary Data Sets 3rd Party: sFTP/Movit, Web/Unstructured
  11. Self-driving Cars

  12. None
  13. In-house Movie Recommender Engine Watch together Party Lonely evening Inspirational

  14. In-house Movie Recommender Engine Watch together Party Lonely evening Inspirational

    customers movies transactions minute processing 250 000 100 000 100 000 000 1
  15. 2016 2015 Established Team Timeline & Roadmap Super-computer Positioned in

    the big data and analytics marketplace Engaged Clients
  16. 2017 Precision Agriculture - Image and video analysis of fruit

    - Tracking behaviour based on soil Customer centric engine for predictions Digital enablement with machine learning Recommender Engine Targeted marketing per customer
  17. KPMG Offerings Big Data and Advanced Analytics Big Data Strategy

    Definition for Business/IT Architectural Consulting Big Data Strategy and Roadmap Assessment Analytics Platform Consulting and Selection ADVISORY SERVICES PROOFS OF CONCEPT ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN DEVELOPMENT & IMPLEMENTATION ANALYTICS & VISUALISATION INFRASTRUCTURE & SECURITY Innovation lab services Pilot Studies Use Case Identification Production and Support services Hadoop Cluster Design Design Patterns Reference Architecture and Frameworks Neural Network Design and Assessment Hadoop and Spark – Administration and Development Services Data Modeling and Integration with Digital and other Systems Data Lake Implementation Deep/Machine Learning Algorithms Predictive Analytics Text Analytics Prescriptive Analytics Image and Video Analytics Big Data Infrastructure Hardware, Backup, Recovery and Software setup Installation and Configuration on Cloud Big Data Security Support and Maintenance – Policy, Preventive Maintenance, Leak Detection, Security Reporting
  18. Design Thinking

  19. Shaping the student experience Business case

  20. Smart Campus Reimagining the student experience

  21. Building Blocks Social Collaboration Insightful Data Location Awareness User Experience

  22. Beacons UnitecApp Beacons are signal- emitting sensors that can be

    detected by apps. Library Lecture Room A Lecture Room B Staff Room Dean Room Main Hall I’m in the main hall These devices can be easily placed on walls, making it possible for a nearby smartphone running the Unitec App to understand its own location
  23. Location-based Interactions Download ‘The History of Fossils.pdf’? The student walks

    into the lecture in which she is enrolled “The Internet of Things vol. II” should be returned today The student walks into the library
  24. Journeys & Wireframes

  25. None
  26. Unitec onboarding

  27. None
  28. None
  29. None
  30. None
  31. None
  32. None
  33. Extreme Visualisation

  34. Extreme Visualisation

  35. Thank you