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Software Product Engineering Services

Software Product Engineering Services

coMakeIT provides an end-to-end solution for Software Product Engineering Services. We also give Agile Development, Agile DevOps Services.




April 08, 2021


  1. www.comakeit.com

  2. About coMakeIT  We are a software product engineering company.

     We accelerate product innovation, modernize aging applications, and productize best practices into new software IP.  Founded by a core team of professionals with decades of experience in building enterprise-scale, sophisticated software products for global markets, we provide a unique blend of software craftsmanship, technology stewardship, and product-thinking.  We believe every software product will be part of a platform ecosystem, and software expertise will become key to success in the digital world. Our Vision www.comakeit.com
  3.  We envision a connected world in which every business

    will want to operate like a software company.  Traditional businesses will productize their best practices into software IP and generate new revenue streams.  Our core mission is to help software businesses innovate continuously through building future- ready software products and modernizing legacy applications.  We have a culture that values people, nurtures learning, innovation, and continuous improvement, and above all treats customers fairly and transparently.  As a socially responsible business and committed group of individuals, we create social impact through our philanthropic initiatives. Our Mission Our Culture www.comakeit.com
  4. Why coMakeIT Unlike traditional Technology Service Providers and their project-driven

    approach, we offer genuine product-thinking and co-Creation  co-Creation, a unique innovation strategy for collaborative product development  Technology stewardship to reduce risks of new technology adoption and accelerate innovation  Guaranteed success and faster time-to-market with productized services.  With fully-integrated co-Creation teams, complement your functional expertise with our technology stewardship and software craftsmanship  Reduce your initial investment and monetize product revenues at a faster pace www.comakeit.com
  5. Our Product Engineering Services New Product Innovation Continuous Product Innovation

    Product Implementation Agile Development Services Agile DevOps Services Quality Engineering Services www.comakeit.com
  6. Application Modernization  Make your applications future-ready.  Modernize your

    legacy applications with our holistic strategies. For most software businesses that offer applications built with legacy technologies, it’s a continuous challenge to balance between the competing demands of supporting current software and focusing on legacy modernization and new innovation.  Our Legacy Application Modernization services enables businesses to overcome these challenges and transform their aging software into future-ready applications: • Assessment & Strategy • Technology Modernization • Cloud Transformation • Architectural Modernization www.comakeit.com
  7. Why should you modernize?  Non-Responsive UI  Spaghetti Code

     Inflexible Architecture  Tightly Coupled Dev & Delivery  Inability to Scale  No separation of concerns  Can’t deploy on cloud  Accumulated Technology Debt  Can’t Use Emerging Technologies www.comakeit.com
  8. Digital Transformation  Productize your best practices into software IP.

     Enterprises across diverse domains are aiming to transform into digital businesses and offer innovative, digital products and services. This calls for a holistic digital transformation of the enterprise into a product-centric organization.  A true digital enterprise must develop sophisticated digital capabilities, akin to that of a software business.  With our digital transformation portfolio, we provide: •Digital enterprise assessment & strategy •co-Creation of software IP •Software factory-as-a-service www.comakeit.com
  9. Technology Practices  New and emerging technologies are reshaping and

    transforming the business landscape and have an enormous impact on every facet of the digital ecosystem across people, systems, and organizations.  Businesses must adapt to the changing landscape, embrace new technologies and offer leading-edge, innovative products and services.  We enable businesses to increase the pace of innovation and reduce the risks of new technology adoption with the following mainstream and emerging technology practices: •AI, ML •IoT •Cloud •Web Technologies •Mendix , low-code platform •Microsoft Dynamics 365 •Experience Design •Application Architectures
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