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February 18, 2014




February 18, 2014


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    At the beginning of the film, it begins with the

    distribution, and the production and then follows with the title of the film; Beastly. A cross fade animation is used to show the credits, the effect also emphasises the ghostly effect to hint the audience that it’s a supernatural type of film, also the effects are blended perfectly with the music effect in the background to add an impact on the audience. The title Beastly is shown rather large, and big than other texts that are shown in the film. A large text makes it stand out from the rest, and it makes it easier for the audience to notice the difference, and figure out the title of the film. It also uses the same type of font, and effect throughout. Apart when showing landscapes of America, the text effect that is used is normal fade out, but still uses the same font.
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    At the beginning of the film, various of editing is

    used to emphasise the mood, and the type of tension it wants to create. In this case, Beastly uses quick cut editing when the main character is working out, and when he shows off his body. The quick cuts builds the sexual tension between the viewers, and the character. This way, it’ll grab the audience attention, as well as getting the idea of the characters’ personality and how he is like. The connotations of a young male doing exercise, and shows off his body can determine what his attitude may be like. The music again conflicts to what he is like, ‘Vanity’ relating to vain could be how he is like. How he is very self centred, only cares about himself, he cares a lot about his looks, and not everyone else. He takes great care of his image, and face. Some of the screenshots that I’ve used, demonstrates the clear comparison between him in the mirror, to what he is afterwards. When the focus is switched, it can be used reflect his personality; his selfish self, and vanity. It could also foreshadow that the blurred background could be his selfish self, and the clear one would be a changed version of himself.
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    The camera is placed behind the character, but set in

    a low angle. This could suggest that he’s in control, and he’s in a powerful position to connect with the audience in front of him. Also, the way he dresses can reveal that he should be taken seriously, not playfully. Here is another example where the camera is placed behind someone. In this case, the camera is placed somewhere in the audience, to give it realism and make it seem that he is talking to the viewers, as well as the audience to who he is giving the speech at. Again, the camera is placed in a low angle shot to demonstrate the power he is showing, and how controlled he is to grab the audience’s attention.
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    At the beginning of the clip, we hear the intro

    of the song called ‘Vanity’ which is written and performed by Lady Gaga. However, Hanover Swain made a cover so they’ve used her version of Lady Gaga’s song ‘Vanity’ in the film. This song features within the Beastly Soundtrack Album with other songs that were featured in the movie, including famous artist Pixie Lott, two of her songs were featured e.g. Broken Arrow and Boys & Girls. Other songs were either produced by small music companies that develop an instrumental piece that can be used in the film.