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A design system product

A design system product

This presentation shares our journey at Ansarada of identifying challenges in maintaining our design system and solving them with product thinking.

Charlotte Jackson

October 04, 2018

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  1. A design system product Charlotte Jackson Product Manager

  2. Business improvement Deal preparation Deal execution Ansarada platform

  3. None
  4. • Share Ansarada’s journey • Create framework for a design

    system product In this talk I will…
  5. Charlotte Jackson Front-end Developer Product Manager @lottejackson

  6. Our journey…

  7. Challenges User engagement Selling it to internal customers (product teams)

  8. Adoption

  9. Our goals Bring consistency across the whole platform Improve e!ciency

    of design and development
  10. None
  11. Discovery & research

  12. Questions What is the adoption of existing components? How many

    instances are overridden and why? What’s the process for users to adopt the system? What are their pain points? How satis!ed are users with the process and experience?
  13. What is the adoption of the design system? Code search

    for quantitative data Survey - Ask users which components they use - User satisfaction rating & feedback
  14. None
  15. What’s the users process? Observations—at desks and attend meeting Interviews

  16. Interviews What’s the end to end process for front-end design

    and development? E.g. “Tell me what triggers the need for a new feature?” Ask open questions Listen Record the interview to make notes after the session
  17. User journey map Steps Activity

  18. Diagnosis

  19. Lack of adoption Evolving technologies Updating ACE versions was time

    consuming Speed of development in the core team
  20. Team objective Improve adoption of the design system in product

  21. Design systems are internal products

  22. None
  23. Product questions What is the goal of the design system?

    What problems will it solve for Ansarada? What does success look like and how do we measure it? Who are the users and how do they work? Who are the customers? Who are the buyers and how do we communicate the bene!ts to them?
  24. Product personas Customers = Leadership team Users = Product teams

    Customers’ customers = Ansarada customers
  25. Become a product team

  26. Product team Product manager - new Design lead - new

    QA - new Tech lead Team lead Developers, designers Dev ops
  27. Design Ops Maintaining the design system Building tools Sharing best

  28. — Jina Anne https://medium.com/salesforce-ux/the-salesforce-team- model-for-scaling-a-design-system-d89c2a2d404b

  29. — Jina Anne https://medium.com/salesforce-ux/the-salesforce-team- model-for-scaling-a-design-system-d89c2a2d404b

  30. “The Design System informs our Product Design. Our Product Design

    informs the Design System.” — Jina Anne https://medium.com/salesforce-ux/the-salesforce- team-model-for-scaling-a-design-system- d89c2a2d404b
  31. Everything is to, for and from our customers

  32. Collaboration Slack channel Cross discipline catch ups Stand ups open

    to all Workshops PRs reviewed in 24 hours Talking to each other
  33. Our design system belongs to everybody

  34. None
  35. OKRs

  36. Objectives: The goals Key Results: How they are measured

  37. OKRs Company objective: Ansarada is a best in class SaaS

  38. Team OKR Objective: We provide a platform to enable product

    teams to deliver cohesive and consistent experiences Key result: 100% of components in products are served by ACE
  39. Metrics How can we measure success? Component usage Snow#akes and

  40. Roadmap

  41. https://www.prodpad.com/blog/how-to-build-a-product-roadmap-everyone-understands/

  42. Features Tangible outputs which deliver customer value and are consumed

    by customers.
  43. Release management

  44. Marketing Raising awareness and engagement Blog posts from the team

    Roadmap presentations Evangelism
  45. Principles Nathan Curtis, Eight Shapes. https://medium.com/eightshapes-llc/ principles-of-designing- systems-294ee45dcf81

  46. 1 Success is measured by adoption

  47. 2 Community and contributions

  48. 3 Product teams set their destinies, ACE equips them to

    realise them
  49. None
  50. Design system products Discovery & Research Who are you customers

    and personas? Create a product team Set goals (team and product) OKRs Roadmap Release management Marketing
  51. Thank you Charlotte Jackson Front-end Developer Product Manager @lottejackson