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Attorney Biography

Attorney Biography

The Law Office of Chad M. Mandell (Mandell Law) is a renowned law firm in California. The firm is a private legal office of Mr. Mandell, a law graduate. He practiced law as a federal prosecutor in the Northern District of California. It offers high-end legal representation across various law fields, including personal injury, business, commercial, intellectual property, privacy, and employment. We are known for our aggressive, goal-oriented approach to litigation and our commitment to maintaining our clients' highest customer service level. Mandell Law gives clients their best shot at winning, premier legal talent, and custom pricing options with years of exceptional experience and knowledge related to legal matters. We also assist small and large-scale businesses by developing effective business strategies and help them achieve their goals.
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Chad M. Mandell

January 12, 2021


  1. Mr. Mandell Attorney Biography The Law Office of Chad M.

    Mandell Contact Us : Ph # (310) 595-6368
  2. Mr. Mandell has successfully litigated numerous matters across various fields

    of law, including intellectual property, criminal, commercial, business, employment, entertainment, personal injury, and privacy law. He founded the Law Office of Chad M. Mandell so he could continue to deliver high-end litigation and counseling services across a wide range of legal fields while providing his clients with personalized service and custom pricing options. The Law Office of Chad M. Mandell
  3. The Law Office of Chad M. Mandell Mr. Mandell earned

    his law degree at the University of Michigan Law School. Thereafter, he became a prosecutor for the state of Illinois, and later, he became a federal prosecutor with the U.S. Attorney’s Office, in the Northern District of California, in the heart of Silicon Valley.
  4. The Law Office of Chad M. Mandell Upon entering private

    practice, Mr. Mandell spent years handling personal injury matters, insurance coverage disputes, and prosecuting fraud on behalf of major insurance carriers. Mr. Mandell also represented clients in litigation involving intellectual property, antitrust, RICO, privacy, employment, and business law. Eventually, Mr. Mandell became a partner in the Intellectual Property, White Collar, and Civil Litigation Departments of a major national law firm
  5. The Law Office of Chad M. Mandell Throughout his 15-year

    career, Mr. Mandell has successfully handled an array of matters, including many which were high profile. He has also first-chaired numerous bench and jury trials throughout his career.
  6. The Law Office of Chad M. Mandell In addition to

    handling numerous personal injury matters, Mr. Mandell has litigated numerous matters involving the First Amendment, right of publicity issues, trade secret misappropriation, copyright infringement, trademark infringement, unfair competition, false advertising, antitrust claims, RICO, fraud, and complex commercial, contractual, and business disputes. Mr. Mandell has successfully handled the following representations, among many others
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