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10 Tips for Creating Mobile-Friendly Content

10 Tips for Creating Mobile-Friendly Content

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October 06, 2021


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  2. With less available real estate to convey your message, you

    must consider the initial information that will be presented to a mobile visitor. 1. Craft Strong Introductions
  3. Eliminate the need to scroll to consume more of your

    content by following Jon Ziomek’s 1-2-3-4-5 approach. Ziomek suggests your paragraphs contain one idea, expressed in two to three sentences taking up no more than four to five lines on the page. 2. Break Content Into Short Paragraphs
  4. The way users consume content on a desktop differs from

    a mobile device. Eye- tracking research shows that webpage visitors scan sites and phone screens in various patterns, all of which should be considered when developing your content. 3. Consider How a User Consumes Content
  5. One method for accomplishing this is to offer a summary

    before the rest of your content. Your summary should highlight key takeaways from the content that is to come. 4. Offer a Summary or Highlights
  6. Whether writing content for desktop or mobile, it’s a best

    practice to keep your content simple and straightforward. 5. Eliminate Unnecessary Words
  7. Add supporting images throughout your content when and where applicable.

    This not only adds separation between your text but adds a visual component. 6. Add Images/Videos
  8. Your font size, for example, should be larger than 32

    points to maintain readability on a mobile device. You can also use high contrast colors for aesthetics and accessibility of information. 7. Use High Contrast Colors
  9. Your title is the reader’s first introduction to the content

    that is to come. It also determines how the title of your webpage will appear in search. 8. Keep Your Title Short
  10. Place your CTA front and center at the top of

    your website to better assist readers through your sales funnel. 9. Strategically Place Your CTAs
  11. While this adds an additional step in your editorial process,

    having an accurate preview of how your content appears on mobile prevents any errors prior to publishing. 10. Preview Before You Click Publish
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