Interactive Visualization of Large Geospatial Datasets with GPUs

Interactive Visualization of Large Geospatial Datasets with GPUs

FOSS4G Boston 2017
Presented By Todd Mostak, Co-Founder & CEO
August 16, 2017

Todd Mostak, Co-founder & CEO of MapD, an open source GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) database and visualization platform for real-time analytics, explores the topic of GPUs & their role in geovisualization. In particular, you will hear about how complex visualizations with massive amounts of geospatial data are an ideal match for GPUs, unlocking extreme speeds for interactive data exploration and real-time insight generation. The ability to instantly interact with billions of rows of geospatial data can be used across industries such as ad tech, energy, financial services, government, retail and service providers allowing them to quickly find anomalies and drill-down into the individual level without pre-aggregating or downsampling.

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MapD Technologies

August 14, 2017