Is OOP dead?

Is OOP dead?


Marco Troisi

March 02, 2017


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    @MarcoTroisi INVERSION OF DEPENDENCY Both high and l0w-level objects must

    depend on the same abstraction (Wikipedia) IS OOP DEAD?
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    @MarcoTroisi Classes should be immutable unless there's a very good

    reason to make them mutable....If a class cannot be made immutable, limit its mutability as much as possible. (Joshua Bloch, “Effective Java”) IS OOP DEAD?
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    @MarcoTroisi ...all classes should be immutable in a perfect object-oriented

    world (Yegor Bugayenko, author of “Elegant Objects”) IS OOP DEAD?
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    @MarcoTroisi …programs must be written for people to read, and

    only incidentally for machines to execute (Harold Abelson and Gerald Jay Sussman, “Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs”) IS OOP DEAD?
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