PeoplES - A project by ThinkInnovation

PeoplES - A project by ThinkInnovation

This is a presentation designed for a project with Bayer, Environmental Science division.


Marie-Cécile Paccard

June 14, 2013


  1. 1. ES on Connections A proposal to help the ES

    Communications roll-out the Community on Connections.
  2. 2.

    The facts • Today, the interest of ES employees for

    their intranet portal is slowly fading. • Still, corporate messages need to reach them and to be read by them. • The web has entered a new era: the one where social and cooperation are growing. • ES Communications have been questioning their strategy… ?
  3. 3.

    The job • Give a name and an identity to

    the initiative, • Prepare the arrival of Connections Community, drive the launch, attract visitors, • Support the sustainability of the platform, help beginners, • Ensure users loyalty.
  4. 4.

    The needs • Be inline with the ES cultural traits,

    • Answer the need for global messages to be spread and read, • Modernize the way information is given, • Humanize the messages sent by the Management, • Allow users to benefit from a useful tool.
  5. 5.

    Find a name… Our proposal • A short, simple name,

    • Understandable worldwide, • …with a slight play on words (remember the Beatles!), • Handwritten for more proximity and human feeling, • Focusing on… People!
  6. 7.

    So, what’s the plan? Unveiling of Launch of Teasing Sponsoring

    Training First teasers February 2013 March / Mid-March 2013 April 2013 September 2013
  7. 8.

    The Targets Sponsors Enthusiasts Newbies Reluctants Anti They will support

    the project and guide new users. They are technology enthusiasts, they will not fear change. They are not yet ready but are willing to learn. They need to be reassured and informed. They will avoid to participate unless they are strongly supported.
  8. 9.

    How do we match ES cultural traits? Winning Attitude Feedback

    Customer Orientation Decisiveness and Execution Ideation Instant feedback Focus on realisation Experience sharing Expertise showcase Accept critics Employee promotion Knowledge and experience exchange Providing solutions in context (time, solutions) Fast validations Fast checking to take actions Visible actions
  9. 10.

    Pre-launch communication aims • Attract We need to advertise PeoplES

    with subtle teasers in order to attract users’ curiosity and create the desire to be involved. • Reassure Yes, PeoplES is going to change your work habits, but here’s why this change is easy, look at all those benefits short and long term. • Teach It’s great to have you involved in PeoplES, now let’s see how it works. • Show PeoplES is an awesome new way of working together. Let’s celebrate!
  10. 11.

    Pre-launch actions and ideas Teasing phase Series of questions: «

    Which tool can help you gather quick feedback on your latest idea? » « Which tool can drastically reduce your email flow? » « What place does social media have in our company? » « Where can you find all the fresh information about ES? » Unveiling phase Show PeoplES! Sponsoring phase Series of very short interviews of PeopleES users, where do they see their benefit. Series of success stories throughout Connections (BMS boss, Region International etc) Series of infographics to communicate on the essential info (training, e-reputation etc) Training phase 1 Start communicating on where people will be able to get help and support Teach them the principle of online identity
  11. 12.

    THE LAUNCH! A homepage teaser A top news linking directly

    on the homepage of Connections A video featuring the main project sponsors, invinting people to connect today A gift for each ES employee A small poster reminding them of the benefits and a short cheat-sheet A printable paper plane with the PeoplES logo on it, A short welcome manual… (let’s stay cost- wise and environmental friendly…) A global calendar and video event A launch at 16:00 GMT to match all timezones An invitation to each employee in their Outlook calendar and a video event with a manual official launch of connection.
  12. 13.

    Post-launch communication aims • Attract The launch is done. Congrats!

    Now, we need to keep on attracting users in order to do a smooth transition. • Reassure PeoplES is changing your work habbits, but here’s why this change is not as hard as you may think. • Support You’re in a fight with PeoplES. Let’s try to see what is bullying you. • Engage It’s great to have you on board, we’ll help you to keep publishing, and you help us promote this great network.
  13. 14.

    Post-launch actions and ideas Support and training Regular online Lync

    meetings for newbies or advanced users A team of special helping users is available for every question An assistance page helps the user to find his own solution Regular blog posts about e-reputation and professional social networks. Attract Regular news posted only on Connections, more and more news from the homepage will link directly to PeoplES. Online treasure hunt (« look for this info and come back to us with your answer ») Engagement, Sustainability phase Badges and rewards for different user actions: • When user profile is complete, • When first community is joined and followed, • When a new employee is sponsored, etc Encourage leaders and sponsor users to « like » user posts in order to engage even more and offer recognition
  14. 15.

    Our recommendations One dedicated community manager An internal asset empowered

    to post content, answer questions and post CEO messages. A commitment from top management to speak in their own name. A recognition based sustainability Using badges or barn stars as rewards for little and big steps. Encourage sponsors to promote the network. Top-down and down-bottom Encourage comments and likes from top managers on all users with reciprocity, as well as blog posts, forum posts and news publication in their own names. Cristallize and adapt to the targets Make sure every explanation is crystal clear and adequate for the right target, not hesitating to duplicate messages and adapt them to each profile.
  15. 16.

    How do we start? At ThinkInnovation, we believe that customers

    and service providers are partners. We would like to work as close as possible with you. • We first provide you with a quote estimate. • We will start right away with a first brainstorming in early January. The ES team and ThinkInnovation would meet for a few hours together to set the foundations of the project, hand in hand. • From this first meeting, we’ll build together the best strategy for PeoplES and set actions to be done in a clear timetable. • A set of regular team meetings will be defined, in order to keep everyone informed about the latest project progresses. • An internal project management tool will be setup so all the participants have a clear overview and can assign ToDos as well as be assigned tasks. Thanks !