Getting Started in Service Design

Getting Started in Service Design

Getting started in service design is not just about learning new methods. It’s much more complicated than that. Service design is an emerging field, a new discipline, and a broad, encompassing space to work in, with great ambiguity and complexity. But let’s think back to what drew us here in the first place: Making an impact. Solving wicked problems. Working on systemic issues. Making services better for people.

It is just this ambiguity, complexity, and richness that has brought us to service design as a space we want to apply our talents, our strengths, and our energy. Yet, by nature these qualities pose great challenges for those just starting out. In this talk, I reflect on my own journey getting started in service design, and the challenges, surprises, and insights along the way.

Presented August 25, 2016 at Service Experience Chicago


Megan Erin Miller

August 25, 2016