Going beyond the product: Designing for service

Going beyond the product: Designing for service

Today, design strategy focuses on “the product” and its digital interfaces. But this vantage point ignores a key component to company success: the customer’s end-to-end, cross-channel experience with your organization.

Enter service design, a methodology created to bridge the gap between siloed product flows and customer realities. Service design flips our perspective to the outside-in: it offers techniques to chart the customer’s holistic journey, visualize friction, and uncover actionable insights that “UX” won’t see.

In this talk, we’ll hear from the founders of Practical Service Design, Erik Flowers and Megan Miller who will teach us about this emerging field of design, show what it looks like in practical application, and make the case that Silicon Valley desperately needs to adopt service design.

Presented at PlanGrid during SF Design Week – June 20, 2017


Megan Erin Miller

June 20, 2017