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Making the Leap: Building service design capability in yourself and your organization

by Megan Erin Miller

Published June 15, 2016 in Design

Organizations everywhere are making the transition from products to services. With this transition comes a new set of design challenges. We must adopt a new mindset and methodology to not only create memorable and valuable service experiences for our customers, but also empower our organizations to change the way we do business for the better. But how do we grow this capacity for service design in ourselves and our organizations?

In this talk, I share some of what I've learned on my journey in building service design capability in myself and my organization.

This talk covers:
* What does it mean to be a service designer?
* What does a service-design-minded organization look like?
* How can you grow from UX to service design?
* How can you find service design opportunities in your organization?

You’ll walk away with:
* Understanding core competencies of service design
* The difference between UX and service design
* A perspective on service design as a career
* Strategies for introducing service design to your organization

Presented at EvolveUX in San Francisco, June 15, 2016