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Managing Expectations Through Tactile Limitations

Managing Expectations Through Tactile Limitations

We forget as web designers that physical artifacts can aid us in the discovery and design process. Is there a place for tactile interaction in a website redesign process? In this ignite talk, I'm going to show you some of my tricks for controlling scope and managing the client conversation through using physical artifacts and tactile interactions.

Learn more about the Tactile Design Kit online at http://www.tactiledesignkit.com

Watch the video of this presentation at: http://vimeo.com/69134053

Presented as an Ignite talk at Eyeo Festival 2013, Minneapolis, MN

Megan Erin Miller

June 05, 2013

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  1. Managing  Expecta-ons   through  Tac-le  Limita-ons   Megan  Erin  Miller

     //  ignite  #eyeo2013   @meganerinmiller   1/20  
  2. This  is  me,     web  designer.   2/20  

  3. Tradi-onal  design  process…   3/20   discovery   wireframes  

    design   comps  
  4. Clients  don’t   understand   wireframes.   4/20  

  5. What  are  we   aGer,  really?   5/20  

  6. They  trust  us   to  make  good   decisions.  

  7. Create  a   structure  for   conversa-on.   7/20  

  8. Create  an   environment   for  play.   Photo  from

     h?p://flickr.com/photos/striaDc/470233447/   8/20  
  9. Make  it  physical.   Photo  from  h?p://flickr.com/photos/7471115@N08/4766284256/   9/20  

  10. A  tac-le  design  kit.   10/20  

  11. Naviga-on  worksheets   11/20  

  12. Wireframing  toolkit   12/20  

  13. Just  enough   space  for   crea-vity.   13/20  

  14. The  physical   phenomenon   14/20  

  15. That  magic  moment   15/20  

  16. The  beauty   of  structured   limita-ons   16/20  

    Photo  from  h?p://flickr.com/photos/29498428@N00/2343228722/  
  17. Reduce  -me,   control  scope.   17/20   Photo  from

  18. CraG  an  experience.   18/20  

  19. Take  this  technique   as  inspira-on.   19/20   Photo

     from  h?p://flickr.com/photos/92661859@N00/4487634622/  
  20. Make  your  own:   Megan  Erin  Miller   @meganerinmiller  

    20/20   Tac-leDesignKit.com