10 Easy Tips to Deflate Your Bulging Belly

47411708ba6110fa42ce3689693636f0?s=47 Coach Amirul
February 18, 2018

10 Easy Tips to Deflate Your Bulging Belly

At the age of 33 I was overweight and I had a bulging belly. I had a bad lifestyle and I loved to eat. I did not exercise regularly and I was not taking care of what I ate or drank. One morning around 3am, I suffered a mild heart attack. I woke up sweating with chest pains. I was rushed to the hospital. Lying on the bed all I could think was my wife and 3 children. I knew I had to change.

I made a decision to take better care of myself. Thank god I had the guidance of a personal wellness coach who put me on a program that helped me to better understand how to take better care of myself. I managed to lose up 8 kgs and the best part I managed to deflate my bulging belly as well. Now I feel healthier and the best part is that I can share my experience and knowledge to help others. I realized that there are 10 easy tips that people can apply and do to deflate a bulging belly. To make it easy and accessible to everybody, we have put the 10 tips into a simple to read eBook.

You can get access to all the 10 tips in our simple and practical tips that you can apply immediately with your family.

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Coach Amirul

February 18, 2018