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Eskimo - Nodejs Rapid MVP Boilerplate Framework

Eskimo - Nodejs Rapid MVP Boilerplate Framework

Eskimo helps you to rapidly build Node.js powered API's, online stores, and apps in general (known as "igloos").

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Nick Baugh

August 27, 2014


  1. eskimo.io clevertech.biz

  2. Rapid MVP’s in 0-60 What I learned and how to

    use Eskimo eskimo.io
  3. How I started building rapid MVP’s Story clevertech.biz

  4. None
  5. None
  6. None
  7. None
  8. What are the ingredients to a rapid MVP? Rapid MVP

    Recipe clevertech.biz
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  10. Experiments I built 20+ micro-projects Majority went wrong

  11. Good coders code, great reuse - Peteris Krumins

  12. What do people use with Boilerplates clevertech.biz

  13. None
  14. None
  15. None
  16. What’s good and not so good (IMO) Sails & Locomotive

  17. None
  18. None
  19. None
  20. config.js module.exports = { port: process.env === ‘development’ ? 3000

    : 80, // ... } app.js var config = require(‘./config) var controller = require(‘./controller’)(config) app.get(‘/’, controller) app.listen(port) controller.js module.exports = function(config) { return middleware }
  21. Why use it for rapid MVP’s Eskimo clevertech.biz

  22. Express 4.x Lightweight with independent packages

  23. Electrolyte Dependency injection and better app structure

  24. Highly configurable Simple config file, not JSON, change as much

  25. Mongo or SQL Use Mongoose or Bookshelf/Knex (or use something

    else, up to you)
  26. LESS and Bower jQuery, Bootstrap, Bootbox, Font Awesome, Modernizr

  27. Gulp.js test, build, watch (and production building)

  28. Jade (or other) Shorthand HTML is so quick to write

  29. Winston Logging built in, configurable

  30. npm install -g eskimo Install clevertech.biz

  31. eskimo --help Usage clevertech.biz

  32. Speed things up and re-use code Tips and Tricks clevertech.biz

  33. Packages async, passport, email-templates, express-paginate, mongoosastic (for simple search)

  34. Services GitHub, MongoHQ, RedisToGo, Travis-CI, Heroku/EC2/any, Segment, Stripe, HipChat/Slack/IRC

  35. Tips Readme first approach, vim w/plugins, vbox/vagrant w/ubuntu, git-extras, jshint,

    hooks, whimsy’s + use nifty-conventions for your Rapid MVP
  36. Projects using Eskimo Showcase clevertech.biz

  37. OurHarvest E-commerce (order online, pick up farm fresh food) ourharvest.com

  38. Market Prophit RESTful and WebSocket API for Market Sentiment developer.marketprophit.com

  39. Seedfeed iOS app and website for connecting with startups seedfeed.com

    (and on app store)
  40. Sponsored by clevertech.biz

  41. Thank you Questions and pull requests welcome eskimo.io

  42. Credits Lego by jon trillana from The Noun Project Hour

    Glass by Bohdan Burmich from The Noun Project Light Bulb by Blake Thomas from The Noun Project Igloo by VALÈRE DAYAN from The Noun Project Snow Shoes by Marc Serre from The Noun Project Quote by Peteris Krumins from catonmat.net Clevertech for sponsoring Eskimo
  43. eskimo.io clevertech.biz