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SaaS-klubi | Kasvumarkkinoinnilla kestävää kasvua | Hanna Harjula | Advance B2B

SaaS-klubi | Kasvumarkkinoinnilla kestävää kasvua | Hanna Harjula | Advance B2B

Ohjelmisto- ja e-business

October 22, 2020

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  1. Forget tips and tricks! The role of marketing in building

    sustainable growth Hanna Harjula, Business Unit Lead at Advance B2B October 20, 2020 @hharjula
  2. Hi there Hanna Harjula Business Unit Lead, Growth Marketing Services

    at Advance B2B Twitter: @hharjula LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ hannaharjula/ @hharjula
  3. B2B Growth Marketing Agency 35+ people, located in lovely Malmi,

    Helsinki SaaS / Subscription / Tech Part of Bravedo Growth Community @hharjula
  4. Here are some of our amazing customers @hharjula

  5. Agenda for today ➔ In the search of the “next

    big marketing thing” ➔ How to find your ideal customers? ➔ How to do growth marketing in practice? @hharjula
  6. In the search of the “next big marketing thing"

  7. We’re always in search for hacks, tricks, and tips... @hharjula

  8. None
  9. You wouldn’t fall for one of these @hharjula

  10. So why on earth would you fall for these? @hharjula

  11. ❌ There is no marketing playbook that suits all businesses

    and products. ❌ There is no sustainable growth without retention. @hharjula
  12. *50 new customers / m, 250€/MRR/m @hharjula

  13. “Churn is a symptom, not a disease” – Lincoln Murphy,

    Sixteen Ventures @hharjula
  14. Breaking news: ❗❗❗Marketing and sales cause as much churn as

    the product ❗❗❗ @hharjula
  15. 1. Poor-fit signups (wrong use case etc.) 2. False expectations

    (over-promise, under-deliver) 3. Customer forgotten after sign-up But how? @hharjula
  16. You need to acquire right-fit customers (not just anyone with

    a heartbeat) @hharjula
  17. Not all customers are created equal Which customer is better

    for us? 2500 € 1500 € 1200 € 1200 € Value of the first deal Customer acquisition cost Customer acquisition cost Value of the first deal @hharjula
  18. LTV > Direct ROI 2500 € 1500 € 1200 €

    1200 € Value of the first deal Customer acquisition cost Customer acquisition cost Value of the first deal 1000 € 1000 € 0 0 1500 € 1500 € 2000 € 2000 € = 3300 € = 7300 € @hharjula
  19. The customer journey doesn’t end where the funnel ends @hharjula

  20. To acquire right-fit customers, you’ll need to reverse-engineer @hharjula Traditional

    marketing teams Growth Marketing Teams Understand why some customers become your best friends and some won’t
  21. ➔ intuitively understand the benefits and see the value of

    your product ➔ are easy to sell to ➔ don't ask for a lower price ➔ engage with your product actively AND get to the (first) value quickly ➔ don’t burden your customer support ➔ don’t churn easily ➔ are profitable for your company (think relatively low customer acquisition costs, relatively high customer lifetime value, and high growth potential) ➔ often recommend your product/service to their peers — simply because they’re head over heels for it Your ideal customers are those that... @hharjula
  22. Ideal Customer Profile – Example Target Audience Corporate companies Potential

    Customers Corporate companies that processes at least 100,000 invoices annually and an accounts payable team of 2+ people. Ideal Customer Profile Corporate companies that processes at least 100,000 invoices annually and an accounts payable team of 2+ people. Operates in a complex industry such as leasing or construction and are early adopter CIOs who want to reposition the finance department as a forerunner in driving technological innovation. “Total Market” Your Ideal Customer @hharjula
  23. By understanding who your ideal customers are, you can nail

    your positioning so that it resonates with your ideal target audiences’ pain points and motivations. @hharjula
  24. An unknown brand and/or wrong positioning are often huge bottlenecks

    for growth @hharjula
  25. @hharjula

  26. @hharjula

  27. You have done your homework and know your ICP, then

  28. Three steps How to do growth marketing in practice? Goals

    & priorities ➔ What are the biggest growth opportunities? ➔ NB / Retention / Upsell / Cross-sell? ➔ Company growth goals prioritized, per segment / market / product / business Market & customer ➔ Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), i.e. who are our best customers? ➔ What is the problem our best-fit customers are trying to solve with the product / service? ➔ What are the direct and indirect alternatives? Agile marketing ops ➔ Build hypotheses based on learnings from steps 1+2 ➔ Prioritize based on desired impact ➔ Test, Measure, Optimize ➔ Remember to measure also the difficult stuff (like brand and messaging) @hharjula
  29. Think more like a scientist! 1. Create hypothesis i.e. educated

    guess why something is preventing your growth to the fullest potential. 2. Come up with ideas how to solve it. Prefer tactics that scale and provide you data. 3. Prioritize based on potential business impact, importance and ease of implementation (for example PIE framework). 4. Try out your ideas and follow-up on the hypothesis. Share your learnings within the organization. 5. Measure your outcomes, not outputs. 6. Apply your learnings and create new hypothesis based on them. @hharjula
  30. @hharjula

  31. Growth marketing: prefer tactics that scale and will provide you

    some data → Customer Marketing → Content Marketing → SEO → Google Ads → Social Media (organic) → Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora Ads → Email Marketing → Marketing Automation → Bots + Conversational Marketing → A/B + MV -tests → In-app messaging → Onboarding → Viral loops … whatever works for your customers! @hharjula
  32. It’s all about outcomes, not outputs ➔ The subscription/SaaS business

    model provides companies access to all important data (sales, marketing, product, etc.) → Access to real-time customer insights ➔ Use that data to retain and grow your customers ➔ Create new hypothesis when you get more data ➔ Do data-informed decisions: add what works and remove what doesn’t @hharjula
  33. Growth marketing is not a tactical procedure: you can (and

    should!) as well optimize your messaging and positioning all the time @hharjula
  34. Recap

  35. To grow sustainably, you’ll need to ✅ acquire right-fit customers,

    ✅ retain those customers and ✅ ultimately grow their lifetime value. @hharjula
  36. Marketing’s job is not to get as many leads as

    possible. Marketing’s job is to get as many right-fit customers as possible. @hharjula
  37. To succeed, you’ll need to test your ideas, learn from

    your experiments and repeat. Over and over again. ♻ @hharjula
  38. Additional reading ➔ A step-by-step guide to conduct your customer

    research (incl. downloadable templates) ➔ Growth Marketing 101: (nearly) everything you need to know ➔ SaaS Lifecycle Marketing: How to maximise your Customer LTV ➔ Customer retention is the new conversion | Inside Intercom ➔ HubSpot's Playbook for Going From Startup to Scale-up @hharjula
  39. Just shoot me a message Need a helping hand for

    your SaaS business’s growth? ➔ www.advanceb2b.com ➔ Email: hanna@advanceb2b.fi ➔ Phone: +358 50 536 6754 ➔ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hannaharjula/ ➔ Twitter: https://twitter.com/hharjula
  40. Thank you!