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1 Confidential - Do Not Share Summer Intern Result Presentation Takeyoshi Nitta @takeyoshi Renewal IA/UX for HISASHI

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2 Confidential - Do Not Share 
 ● Position: Software Engineer
 ● Division: Corporate Engineering
 ● Team: People Products
 Takeyoshi Nitta @takeyoshi 

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3 Confidential - Do Not Share Project Renewal IA/UX for HISASHI

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4 Confidential - Do Not Share Project - Previous HISASHI

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5 Confidential - Do Not Share Project - New HISASHI ● Improve the UX/UI by implementing a home tab.
 ● Utilize the Slack functionality to enable non-messaging interactions.

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6 Confidential - Do Not Share Implementation & Development ● Python (Flask) ● Slack (Bolt, Block Kit) ● Dialogflow Main Tools and Language for This Project

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7 Confidential - Do Not Share Implementation & Development The structure of the Home tab. The UI can be developed with the Block Kit in Slack API

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8 Confidential - Do Not Share Time Log 8/1-12 Onboarding for HISASHI Develop Dummy Bot 8/22-9/2 ・Add Home Tab and features workflow to HISASHI Dev ・Explore Python Flask and Slack Bolt Implement Workflow 9/20-22 QA Test 8/15-19 Implement HISASHI Skills 9/5-16 Release & Announce 9/26- ・Understand the project scope ・Setup environment ・Try to develop workflow of HISASHI features in dummy bot ・Create concrete development plan ・Connect APIs to each features ・Test HISASHI Dev to make sure all features work fine ・Fix issues ・Publish HISASHI on Slack!

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9 Confidential - Do Not Share Few Resources and Unfamiliar Tools Challenges Limitations of The Tools Working Remotely 02 03 01 Encountering Bugs 04

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10 Confidential - Do Not Share Reflection ● Flexible Thinking and Taking Actions (Never Give Up!)
 ○ What may seem impossible can be made possible, and advanced to effective development by changing the way I look at it.
 ● Better Development Planning and Accountabilities.
 ○ Managing daily tasks and making plans based on an understanding of my capabilities. Also, creating good deliverables that can be verified by a third party everyday.
 ● Be Humble and Of course Go Bold.
 ○ Asking others with humility and boldness. Verbalizing well what I am doing to others.
 ● Engineering/Technical Skills
 ○ Especially, I gained a deeper understanding of Slack development and Python applications in Flask. 
 ○ Full-time software engineer’s life, thoughts, style, methods, etc.

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11 Confidential - Do Not Share Conclusion I really enjoyed this internship! Thank you so much!