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«le noir que j'ai créé» @MakeNowJust qui écrit Quine

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who are you? 20 years old undergraduate student learning German literature accounts: GitHub: @MakeNowJust Twitter: @make_now_just work for space pirates LLC.

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syntax highlight

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my works related with Crystal and syntax highlight created syntax de nition of Crystal for highlight.js for prism.js for CodeMirror xed many bugs of syntax highlight on crystal doc implemented syntax highlight for icr

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what is NOIR? syntax highlight library for Crystal made by @MakeNowJust (me!) port of Ruby's library rouge one of most famous syntax highlight libraries e.g. used by Jekyll in default "black" in French

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ET NOIR CLI for NOIR etnoir command syntax highlight on terminal also outputs HTML

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current status early stage since 2017/11/6 (24 days ago) few supported languages (4 languages available) Ruby, JavaScript, Python and Crystal few themes (3 themes available) Monokai and Solarized Dark/Light But...

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welcome your contribution

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