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Allow me to introduce myself: • 19 years old • Left education at 16 • 3 years “industry” experience • User Experience designer @ Sky • Find me on Twitter: @LiamHutchinson_ If you wanted to follow Ben, follow me instead

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72 people filled out the survey posted on both Twitter & Linkedin Thanks to everyone who filled in & shared the survey

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The results…

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No 21% Yes 79% Do you have a university degree or similar higher education qualification?

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How long ago was it since you achieved your qualification? Years since 1-3 Years 4-6 Years 7-10 Years 10+ Years

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Do you think the qualification you gained has had an ongoing benefit to your career? No 29% Yes 71%

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“As it was over 10 years ago everything I learned is now more than a bit dated. The degree did get me started on the career path I continue to be on so you might argue that it has an ongoing benefit of sorts”

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No 86% Yes 14% Do you think this has hindered your career in anyway?

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“Anyone I have ever worked with has confessed to learning more in the industry/in their own time, rather than a degree even in a relevant subject.”

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No 13% Yes 87% Looking back, would you still have made the same decision regarding higher/formal education?

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“I spent a long time paying back student related debt. The experience of going to university (looking after myself, leaving home, 10 pints a night) taught be more than my degree. This is what made me the more rounded person and manager I am today.”

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What I’m going to cover: • Experience V Education • Importance of a mentor(s) • The industry has the most up to date curriculum • What’s worth £40,000-£50,000? • The value of making “real mistakes”

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Experience V Education

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“Overall, we would choose experience and attitude over qualifications whether for a dev role or creative role” Lyndsey Henderson - Head of Talent Acquisition at

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Importance of a mentor(s)

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“Regardless of your direction, I think it’s important to have a mentor or a guide to help articulate a direction for you.” Christopher Murphy - Senior Lecturer at the Belfast School of Art

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The industry has the most up to date curriculum

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“We can't keep up on all new technologies and technical skills. The job of academic doesn’t currently allow this" WATCH THIS: Richard Eskins - Senior Lecture, Manchester Metropolitan University

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What’s worth £40,000- £50,000 of debt?

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The value of making “real mistakes”

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“Mistakes are the worst thing you can make in national education systems” Sir Ken Robinson - Do Schools kill creativity? (Ted Talk)

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The recap • Education isn’t as much a requirement as it once was* • If you haven’t already, get a mentor or 6 • Make some mistakes & learn from it • Working in the industry is the most up to date curriculum • Make stuff (happen) *This is regarding digital/creative sectors. Some professions will always require degrees etc

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“It’s just tragic, that you can spend four years of your life studying the design of three dimensional objects and not make one.” Design education is "tragic" says Jonathan Ive

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So, do you need an education to work in digital?

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IMHO - No, you don’t need a formal education

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Huge thanks: Christopher Murphy / @fehler Richard Eskins / @eskins Chris Compston / @ndxcc Natasha Sayce-Zelem / @unharmonic Jimmy Adams / @JimmySkyDigital Rhys Billington Lyndsey Henderson All who shared and filled in my survey! Last but not least, a huge thanks to Josh & the Hey! team for hosting tonights event!