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DevRelCon Tokyo 2019 Effective real-time mashup performance for DevRel! Seigo Tanaka / 1ft-seabass

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I will share my presentation. Please, enjoy my talk :)

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Seigo Tanaka Company Name:1ft-seabass I have been worked front-end Engineer since 2004 and made interactive contents using Adobe FLASH. Recently. I’m based on front-end technology. I’m going to be related to information and user-interface gradually. ex. IoT , Mixed Reality and AI...

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Seigo Tanaka Name:1ft-seabass Additionally, I got awards as 2018-2019 IBM Champion and 2018-2019 Microsoft MVP ( Windows Development ). These days I’m involved in DevRel to make connections with outside.

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I will talk about... ● What is “real-time mashup performance” ? ● “real-time mashup performance” benefits Devrel. ● Preparing tips about “real-time mashup performance”.

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What is “real-time mashup performance” ?

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Presentation reaches performance with mashup and real-time. MASHUP REAL-TIME

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People interested in technology products reaches this single knowledges quickly.

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If I introduce only one product, I give them no good idea. They can imagine simple use cases easily. cool.

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Actually I'm also a developer. I can find one product knowledge. public documents, blog archives, press release ...

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Today, a product is not alone. A

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Today, a product is not alone. A product accesses other product benefits almost somewhere. A Other

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"Mashup" is good approch that our product visits other technology. A Other

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For Example... I introduce usually running use-cases.

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Each other API Collaboration Connecting other technologies have various issues and attention points. If you success a use case, you will reached excited. A Other

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Data Visualization Even if people know simple usecases, they can't feel data atomosphere soon. Seeing data visualization uncovers data benefits. Data

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Devices catches datas. Sensing devices clarify real world data. This is effective datas visualization.

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Datas moves Devices. Almost data enable real world benefit. Moving devices by data guides feeling possibility clearly. Data

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"Mashup" expends the possibilities! A Other

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"Mashup" highlights various benefits. But that's huge data. So just talking about "Mashup" has fewer impacts.

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Seeing is believing. = "Real-time" I run "Mashup" on the spot immediately.

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"Real-Time" compresses "Mashup" cool points by time.

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Preparing tips about “real-time mashup performance”. ● Daily Mashup Exercise ○ As I know, this will make nice mashup. ● Clear operation ○ This has good time managemant. This will highlights a demo attract. ● Demo Movies ○ If I fail demo success. This help demo experience. This gives relax :) ● Healthly Wi-Fi Connection ○ "Mashup" needs safety conectivity. It is very important!

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Now I demonstrate it in front of your eyes. “real-time mashup performance”

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Today, I try a simple demo. Mixing information datas and reality device "HoloLens" controls LED device using "obniz".

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"obniz" is the famous japanease IoT hobby devices. This eases IoT prototyping! Today "obniz" realizes LED light devices from internet connection.

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HoloLens guides user-interface to real world. Today demo have color switches. Tapping on a switch syncs LED light color!

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Today demo had two nice supporter. IBM Cloud IoT Platform and Node-RED support excited today connectivity. Node-RED (MQTT) IBM Cloud IBM Watson IoT Platform

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Let me try today demo!

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Could I success demo?

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Choosing mashup points ● I mind developer experience for a technology. ● I choose feeling future possibility sometimes. ● I hope creative.

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Benefits “Mash up real time performance” It is very difficult. However, its success is great.

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Benefits ● Reaching developers directly. ● Connecting non-verbal communication. ● Making a mashup serves a product future.

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Seeing Developers to my demo feel, ● “It’s really moving! Follow the idea!” ● “I also want to try it!” ● “Feel the possibility of this product!”

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"Real Time Mashup" reached developers directly. Developer understands a architecture and nice points from my demo quickly.

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For example This picture see my real-time mashup performance recently.

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I move a developer spirits! He feel excited about mashup technology. He interest my appeal technologies. We have nice DevRel! He keep on interesting this products.

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Making a mashup serves a product future.

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"Real-time Mashup" approachs nice various connectivity. This will reach next corabollation about the product.

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Google Home Actions on Google + DialogFlow Webhook HTTP User senario make WebHook Talk response For example I identify nice use-case to developer and product team!

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Connecting non-verbal communication.

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"Real-time Mashup" outperforms one product information. This can contain various collaboration points. Microsoft HoloLens x IBM TJBot zero realtime mashup performance.

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"Real-time Mashup" attracts basic technology benefits. reaching the global over a barrier, raising communications and more

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Be creative relation.

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Let's try real time mashup.