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Speak to your ATOL Reporting Accounting (ARA) as soon as possible ARAs are still extra diligent following last September’s renewal round. This means it might take a bit longer for them to sign off on things, so it’s a good idea to talk to your ARA and agree on a schedule to avoid delays. And remember, if you want to qualify for the lower fee, you must submit AAR Part 2.

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Don’t end up on ‘The List’ Many renewals go down to the wire and a few can end up on the Civil Aviation Authority’s (CAA) list of companies that didn’t renew in time. Being on that list can damage your brand’s reputation. Start preparing your application well in advance so you’re not scrambling to meet the deadline.

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Avoid any possible delays Keep up to date with your application and ensure you meet any requirements immediately. If the CAA asks for more information, respond promptly, and don’t avoid the issue, as it will only cause delays.

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Source: Travel Weekly Stay on top of where you are in the ATOL application process You can get updates for specific renewal conditions if you reach out to your case officer. The CAA can’t always advise directly, but you can find out from your officer or keep an eye on the status of your application on the portal.

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Re-visit your bond conditions Our bond brokerage team has seen a significant improvement in the market recently. If you’ve been using a secured bond because there weren’t other options a year ago, but now you’re looking to free up some cash, reach out to your insurance provider. They might be willing to give you some unsecured capacity instead.

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Source: Travel Weekly If you’d like more information on the ATOL renewal process or need help submitting your application, you’re in luck! Our regulatory team has 67 combined years of experience working at the CAA, so they can help ensure you’re doing everything correctly and getting a fair deal. Please get in touch at [email protected].