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Marketing Leaders Coaching Intro Danny Denhard - July 2022 Scan or click to contact me ➡

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Why Do Marketing Leaders Really Get In Touch? Danny Denhard Coaching • Need Help Coach • In need of one to one coaching • In need of someone to collaborate with at a high level • Wants someone who understands the unique challenges of Marketing and Growth leadership • Wants someone been there, seen it, got the battle scars too! • Wants a player coach - someone to get into tactics with them • For those who “feel too old” to learn another new or latest app • Lost Con fi dence • Lost con fi dence • Lost feeling (lack of career direction) • No Time To Manage, Let Alone Lead • Lost connection with team or department and wants to refresh it • Losing it with their Marketing funnel & having to repeat how it works over and over • Feels lost with new channels • No Support • Things feel too much • Promoted and not supported • Promoted from Head of/Director of to more senior and its a huge jump up • Struggling With The Day To Day • Wants support developing out their Marketing org design • Wants help hiring - hiring is hard! PS Smart CEO’s & Founders get in touch to proactively help coach and develop their Marketing Leaders.

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I created dedicated Marketing Coaching courses to improve work for leaders who are struggling to invest into themselves and those who have lost con fi dence! Coaching: To help Marketing Professionals to reach their potential through 1:2:1 skills based coaching, all in the workshop environment, not just discussion based coaching, drills and workshop that ensures your development within our working sessions and supporting homework 
 (yes there is homework 📄) Marketing Leadership Coaching & Development Danny Denhard Coaching

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Why Me? ⁃ 21 years leadership in Marketing, Growth & Product. ⁃ My MO: Help brands put (internal and external) their customers fi rst and help apply a growth mindset to challenger and future leaning businesses through “Focus” coaching and workshops. 
 Experiences Includes: ⁃ Been part of an IPO, part of M&A and R&D at listed company and went through an £100m acquisition of JustGiving and onboarded the team into larger organisation ⁃ Ran the crowdfunding business at JustGiving took from £2m to £75m p/a in transactions (donations) ⁃ Led (Silicon valley) Growth, Marketing & Product departments ⁃ Built squad approach to work: Included Front end, back end, product manager, designer and full stack developer + me leading. ⁃ Ran 18 dev based sprints - QR codes (pre pandemic) for all partners to prove o ff l ine value. ⁃ Ran pricing change conjoint analysis improving fl at fee of 5% to 7.4 - 8.2% fee across the consumer facing checkout. Operational Led: ⁃ Software and information fl ow optimisation - guidelines for slack and teams and email ⁃ HR project helped to roll out department lead nudging over mass send 96% completion. ⁃ Mission: I’m now fi xing the broken world of work 
 aka Helping businesses in a more modern management consultant, ⁃ Through consulting and coaching on company culture / ops / product / growth & marketing ⁃ I also coaching Product, Growth, and Marketing leaders alongside Founders and startup CEO’s to get the most out of themselves and their people. Danny Denhard Coaching

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Where Do You Need Support? 1/ Coaching Click the numbers below to go to the dedicated page 2/ Supporting Services Danny Denhard Coaching Including: Departmental Development Team Workshops Fresh Approach On Management Consultancy

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Coaching Danny Denhard Coaching

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Coaching 1. Individual Coaching - 1:2:1 coaching sessions based around workshop environment to improve your skills, leadership and improving team performance (it cannot just be the CEO & receiving exec coaching) 
 >> For CMO's, VP's, Directors & Head's Of —OR— 
 2. Team Coaching - Is your team(s) or departments struggling with speci fi c skills or struggling to collaborate cross functionally. Dedicated built sessions to build out skill sets 
 3. Coaching Workshops - Intensive coaching around core problems or performance issues 
 >> For Marketing Teams & Departments 
 4. Marketing To Growth Coaching - Marketing & Growth sessions to develop Growth based skill sets for teams and within business struggling to make the adjustment. Ideal for professional development What’s On O ff er? Dedicated coaching sessions for senior individuals, teams or department to help improve speci fi c skill sets and develop a winning connected team. Most Popular! Danny Denhard Coaching

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Startup Marketing Coaching Startup Speci fi c Skills Development & Coaching • Skill gap analysis & Department design • Inhering teams can be tricky, how to conduct and build out a team matrix and identify skill gaps and development opportunities • Feedback Development: • How to communicate constructive feedback, individually or to your team • Delegation Optimisation: • How to e ff ectively delegate tasks to your team • The art of delegation and operational decision making • Understanding the resource requirement and output per person. • Idea Shaping • Build into business strategy and assign into categories and then presenting to the leadership team What’s On O ff er? Dedicated coaching sessions for Marketing & Growth leaders within Startup or scale-ups to improve team and people performance Danny Denhard Coaching

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What Comes With Your Coaching Package 1. Proven Templates - Proven Templates that we will customise to your working style and your workplace 
 2. Proven Frameworks - Dedicated frameworks that will help to shape your future and your teams future development 
 3. Dedicated Learning Centre - With must- watch videos, articles and podcasts 
 4. Private ‘Knowledge Centre’ - With coaching call notes, homework documents and custom development documentation 
 5. Access To Private Chat - one to one chat app for quick support 
 Danny Denhard Coaching Want an idea of what framework and template you will receive? Here are just a few you will unlock through coaching with me.

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Essential Resources From Coaching & Workshops Potential new frameworks include: • Prioritisation Framework • Beliefs, Bets, Pillars framework • Discovery Tests, A/B Tests, Better Way Test framework • E( ff ort) S(uccess) U(pside) framework • Hypothesis Templates • Make Your Northstar Stick Template • The Focus Metric Framework • Agreed Department Principals agreement • Accelerate Or Break Framework • Quality Product Framework Danny Denhard Coaching

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Who’s Seeking Out Marketing & Growth Coaching With Me? 1. Marketing Leaders - CMO's, VP's, Directors are wisely spending their learning and development budgets and want to be “the Department lead their team deserves”. 
 Selecting 10-12 weeks workshop based coaching. 
 2. Founders - Yes company founders are looking to improve their knowledge and relationships with their Marketing Head’s. 
 Typically choosing intensive workshops. 
 3. CEO’s - Coaching is common for CEO’s and many CEO’s do not come from a Marketing background but need to improve their knowledge & actively seeking out coaching. 
 Typically choosing intensive workshops. 
 4. C-Suites - Many c-suites are disconnected from their Marketing teams and struggle to connect their customers needs with their products and o ff erings. 
 Selecting 4x training & workshop sessions. Danny Denhard Coaching

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Marketing Coaching “Danny is a god send when it comes to mentorship / work therapy! His style, experience and knowledge is primed for where I am at in my working career - cutting from middle management to senior leadership. . Every session I walk away with tenable action that adds value, which in turn makes me invaluable to my team. He helps cut through my mental noise and we get to the root cause. We set correction together with a healthy, but challenged debate and utilise meaningful tools and frameworks that actually work. The key here, is walking away with the root cause and tools to empower you, my value has tripled not only at work but in my personal life. Danny helped me in every single session.’ — Amrit Gil - Head Of Marketing SK:N Product Strategy “Danny has been a superb mentor to me for several years now. He has helped develop me as a product manager and advises me on how to continue to develop my skills and grow within the fi eld. With a wealth of experience and a drive to continuously learn and develop himself, he is sound for both career advice and as a sounding board to run ideas past. As well as his wealth of experience and knowledge his patience and commitment to be available really rounds him out as someone I would recommend to turn to for advice.“ — Adam Selby, Senior Product Manager at JustGiving Coaching Testimonials Growth Coaching 
 “Danny was a great coach who really helped me to organise and accelerate my growth thinking. He has so much experience to lean on and concentrates on equipping you to do the job to be done for the future. 
 I wouldn’t hesitate going back to him when I come across my next work challenge.“ — Anish Hallan, Product Manager at Whereby (Video Collaboration Tool) Danny Denhard Coaching

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Pricing Upon Request Danny Denhard Coaching

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Watch The Video ▶ Danny Denhard Coaching

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Any Questions? Or Just Get Help! [email protected] // +447453310130 Scan or click to contact me ↖

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Appendix Danny Denhard Coaching

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Other O ff erings Breakdown Danny Denhard Coaching

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Coach Plus Danny Denhard Coaching

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Coach Plus Coach + Audit 
 Coach + Team Training 
 Coach + Team Workshops 
 Coach + Hiring 
 Coach + Software What Is Coach Plus? Coaching is one layer that leaders require, with so many leaders needing additional support from those they trust, I o ff er coach plus that takes the most important elements of coaching and development and collaborates with you and your team. With audits, team training and workshops, helps you hire more smartly and match you with the best software. Danny Denhard Coaching - Team & Org Audit 
 - Plan Audit - People Audit 
 - Tactics Audit - Performance 
 - Discipline Based Training 
 - Individual Training - Management Team 
 Training - Problem Solving 
 - Brainstorming - QBR Workshops 
 - Annual Plan Workshops - Partner In Hiring - CV & Pro fi le Filtering - Presentations Setting - Senior Hiring Review - Best Tools For Your Team - Better Software Solutions

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Team & Departmental Action Plans Danny Denhard Coaching

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Team & Departmental Action Plans 1. Quarterly Planning 
 2. Annual Planning 
 3. Long Range Planning 
 4. Product Launch Planning What Are These? Many teams plan di ff erently and independently, creating silo’s and negatively impacting performance. 
 Action plan sessions are created to bring teams together, align and build out agreed plans of action with dependencies for the quarter to the year ahead. Danny Denhard Coaching

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Workshops Danny Denhard Coaching

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 Options 1. Vision - Mission - Strategy Workshop 
 - designed to teach and unlock leaders who do not understand strategy and want to roll out e ff ective and successful long range planning and strategy development. 
 >> For Leadership Teams 2. Full Stack - improve your whole Marketing/Growth team or department & build out 1-3 year plan. 
 >> For Marketing & Growth Departments 3. Problem Solving Workshops 
 - improving existing or upcoming issues, designed to plan ahead and build trust - designed for operational excellence for next 6 months. 
 >> For Departmental Leads & Founders 4. Masterclass - sessions designed to dive into speci fi c subjects, review work and go through campaigns & build alongside you 
 >> For Leadership Teams 5. Idea Generation - most teams become blinkered and do not challenge their status quo, intentional workshop creating new, fresh & actionable ideas 
 >> For Department Leads & Founders Danny Denhard Coaching

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Long Term Strategy Done Right Workshop • Mission • Vision • Strategy • Departmental Action Plans • Team Plans What Are These? Strategy has been unbundled to death and many business leaders do not understand the di ff erence between Strategy and Tactics. The Focus Long Term Strategy Workshop breakdowns how to create the right strategy and builds up an organisations mission to team plan for the year ahead 
 Trending 📈 Danny Denhard Coaching

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Workshops Are: Driven For Business Success: 
 Every session is designed to answer existing or upcoming business problems. From 1/2 days to week long get aways. Problem Solving: 
 Each session will be bespoke and created around the problems or solutions required in your business partners or business partners vertical. Performance & People Driven: 
 All workshops are people (culture) and performance (strategy) driven, meaning I combine both functions on level priorities, it’s the only way to drive long term success in 2022 and beyond. Cross Functional: 
 The more cross functional the sessions, the better the sessions are for the business. Team or departmental problems rarely ever just stop at that level. Focus Metric Driven: 
 I believe in focus metrics, metrics that are interconnected to roll up to the ‘north star’ of the business. Connection = wins. (Image on the right to highlight this) M M M M M M M M M Focus Metric Danny Denhard Coaching

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Paid Brainstorms Danny Denhard Coaching

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Brainstorms 1. Bringing together the team to workshop and brainstorm around campaigns 
 2. Bringing together the team to brainstorm an existing issue di ff erently 
 3. Bring together the departments to create product or marketing campaigns 
 4. Marketing & Growth brainstorms, building a future product or feature and creating dedicated marketing plan Why? Everyone Does Them…Badly? Large team and cross functional development sessions, where bring together dedicated people to run ideation and actions planning sessions. Deliberately designed to be fun and habit building. All brainstorms are actionable and must have action taken. Danny Denhard Coaching Danny Denhard Coaching

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SWAT Team Sessions Danny Denhard Coaching

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SWAT Teams 1. Bringing together the team to workshop and brainstorm around campaigns 
 2. Bringing together the team to workshop an existing issue 
 3. Bring together departments to create product or marketing campaigns 
 4. Marketing & Growth brainstorms What Are These? Workshop and masterclasses around bringing cross functional teams together to create a product line, a release or starting to work di ff erently Danny Denhard Coaching

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Sniper Sessions Danny Denhard Coaching

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Sniper Sessions 1. Immersive, hard hitting x day’s long workshop diving into problems and collaborating to address these issue 
 2. Immersive, hard hitting x day’s long workshop creating answers and solutions to the agreed problems What Are These? Designed to problem solve, dive into very speci fi c issues & help to build out solutions & 
 campaigns 🔑 x day’s = to be determined Danny Denhard Coaching

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Fresh Approach On Management Consultancy Danny Denhard Coaching

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Fresh Approach To Management Consultancy What Is Di ff erent? Management consultants typically come in and follow the same steps in every business, focusing on operational e ff i ciencies at a spreadsheet level. I help with two lenses; Performance and People. Hands on collaboration and rather than putting together a costing structure, get into the weeds with the leadership team and department leads to build the company strategy and then departmental plans to connect the top of the business with the teams and at all levels. Performance / Strategy People / Culture Audit Performance Co-build & Workshop Strategy Identify Operational E ffi ciencies Audit Company Culture & Sub Cultures Co-build Departmental & Team Plans Identify Talent & Coach Danny Denhard Coaching

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My Coaching Principles Danny Denhard Coaching

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My Coaching Principles • Respect - for all in all situations, respect each other's time, energy and requirements • Curiosity - to guide, learn and mature • Career Development - Everything we will do is for your career development -- all for short, mid and long-term success • No band-aids - we will never plaster over a situation or add a band- aid to something that needs deeper work • Undo to build - We will undo the bad conditioning and the mimicking of previous bosses • It’s YOU focused - all the work will be to improve you, it’s never about me, I will tell you stories, share experiences and o ff er frameworks and templates to help YOU. • Always Grow - I don’t “ fi x”, I help you grow and grow the skills we identify as areas of improvement • Questions for better answers - I will ask a lot of questions to get you to the answer - I won’t give you the answers, we work through solutions and frameworks • Titles never matter - you can be the Head of a “small brand” or CEO of a fortune 500 business, titles do not matter, what matters is your development • Ego’s won’t be tolerated • Bad attitudes do not work, ever • Co-build - We will share problems and co-build solutions - but I’m not a therapist • Guidance - I will guide you, I will provide guidance on team issues, with performance issues and with your career. • I will never give you the quick answer - quick answers don’t help you grow 1/ Focus 2/ Development 3/ Personal & Professional Growth. Danny Denhard Coaching