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Agenda › LINE MINI App: An overview › Case Study › FAQ

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What is LINE MINI App? LINE Front-end Framework (LIFF) LINE Infrastructure / Family Products Technology Stacks Unique features to MINI In-app search Service Message Pin to Home Tab More..

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Comparison of LIFF and LINE MINI App LINE MINI App LIFF App Service Notification Service Message
 (Non-OA friends can also be notified / free to use) Messaging API (Only OA friends are notified / 
 paid to use) In-app search Yes N/A Re-entry via LINE Can be pinned to Home on LINE N/A Link to Official Account Default Optional Policy Has its own policy N/A Release Flow Review required Review not required

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3 Unique Features of LINE MINI App In-app Search Pin to Home tab Service Messages

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Service Message v.s. Messaging API LINE MINI App LINE Official Account Account for Delivery Service Messages Account Official Account of the client Delivery Method Service Message API Messaging API Message Configuration Default Templates Customizable Usage Fee Free Pay-as-you-go Applicable Scope No need to add friends
 Cannot be blocked Need to add friends first
 Can be blocked

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Introduce to MINI channel MINI channel can be created via developer console directly upon completion of LINE internal review

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Introduce to MINI channel There will be 3 different channel IDs associated with each corresponding stage

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Introduce to Service Message Template Service Message Template details will be shown upon choosing a specific template name

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Introduce to Service Message Template Service Message Template can be previewed and tested before development

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Introduce to MINI channel Review request is submitted upon completion of all mandatory fi elds

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Once reviewed and approved, service provider can choose when to enable search in LINE App Introduce to MINI channel

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Development Process Proposal & required documents Online Documentations, MINI Policy, Design Guideline Feedback will be provided by LINE if further revisions are required Developer can decide when to enable in-app search Development Review Release Before Development

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Best practice for use of MINI LINE MINI APP Of fi cial Account Acquire new users Convert users to sales MINI as an offline entry for OMO

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Reference Cases 爵

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Case Study

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Scenario: Pre-order/Membership ( ) •Can be shared easily to friends on LINE for group-buying orders •Service messages to notify users instantly upon completing an order or payment •Increased OA friends and repeat purchases via MINI 1.1 Store Menu 1.2 Custom Items 1.3 Group-Buying List 1.4 Instant Notification

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Scenario: Membership ( )

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› Q: Is certified provider required for MINI App development? › Q: I’m interested in developing MINI apps for the pilot program, how should I apply? › A: M MINI applications are currently available through our certified tech partners only. Please contact our tech partners for more details. Or if you are interested in becoming a tech partner on your own, please contact our sales representative for further review. › Q: Is Is there any documentation available regarding LINE MINI App? A: Yes. Since MINI app development involves the use of advanced API, the service provider of MINI channel is required to obtain certified provider qualification before its release. Please contact our tech partners regarding this certification for more details. A: Yes. Detailed documentation regarding LINE MINI App is available to all on LINE Developers site. Please check it out via below link:

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Tech Partner Program Category: Tech Partner ( LINE )

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