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2023.06.20 ਆݪ ݈Ұ (@korodroid) Wear OS Latest Topic 
 & Improving Wear OS App Usability potatotips #82

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2 About me Kenichi Kambara (@korodroid) •Mobile App Development •Speeches (e.g. 15 Int’l Confs.) •Writings (e.g. 8 Dev Books) •Principal Evangelist at NTT TechnoCross •[Private]

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Recent Activity (Overseas) Droidcon SF 2023@San Francisco (Speech)

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Wear OS Overview Noti fi cation Complication Based on Android & optimized for the wrist Tile App

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Wear OS Topics from I/O 2023 Watch Face Format Watch Face Studio Tile (Animation)

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Wear OS ΞϓϦ։ൃೖ໳ with Jetpack Compose Improving Wear OS App Usability

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Creating an App Noti fi cation Complication Tile App

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Sample App 8

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Looks good, but to make it better… 9

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Adding a Tile feature Noti fi cation Complication Provide easier access to this app Tile App +

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Implementing a Tile feature class MainTileService : CoroutinesTileService() { // Abbreviates some procedures, such as reading data from the repository
 override suspend fun resourcesRequest( requestParams: RequestBuilders.ResourcesRequest ): ResourceBuilders.Resources { return ResourceBuilders.Resources.Builder().setVersion(RESOURCES_VERSION).build() } override suspend fun tileRequest( requestParams: RequestBuilders.TileRequest ): TileBuilders.Tile { val singleTileTimeline = TimelineBuilders.Timeline.Builder().addTimelineEntry( TimelineBuilders.TimelineEntry.Builder().setLayout( LayoutElementBuilders.Layout.Builder().setRoot(tileLayout(this)).build() ).build() ).build() return TileBuilders.Tile.Builder().setResourcesVersion(RESOURCES_VERSION) .setTimeline(singleTileTimeline).build() } } a Kotlin coroutine-friendly wrapper 
 from the Horologist Tiles library /MainTileService.kt

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Adding a Tile de fi nition 

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That’s all! Can show the last contact easily. 13

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Tips💡 Useful features for Wear OS

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Please let me know if you have any requests 
 such as technical speeches, technical writings and so on. Facebook: Twitter:@korodroid LinkedIn: Thank you so much