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Exactpro Test Tools Maxim Rudovsky EXTENT February 2011

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Contents This presentation provides information about Exactpro Systems Testing Tools: 2. High-level presentation of all testing tools 3. Sailfish 4. Load Injector 5. Certification Testing tool

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1. Testing Tools: High Level View Sailfish Load Injector Reconciliation Tool Multiprotocols and transports: •FIX •NATIVE •MITCH •QH Multiprotocols and transports: •FIX •NATIVE •MITCH •QH Multiprotocols: •FIX •NATIVE •MITCH •FAST Multilayers: •Session Layer •Application Layer •Dirty Level Simulation of multiple client connections with a specified load shape for each connection or a group of connections Rich GUI for client activity tracking Multiuser access to a testing environment Throughput up to 80,000 msg per second Storing client activity to DB for further analysis and report generation Automative Matrix Language (AML) Multiplatform Real-time analysis of client interactions with Exchange gateways Test Report Generator Performance Reports Generator

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2. Sailfish Components and Concepts

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3. Sailfish Deployment

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4. Steps to Automate a Test Case reate and configure a particular service. Make sure it works properly. ake sure there are all required actions for implementing a test case (send message, receive message, execute request, etc.) reate a csv. matrix with a particular number of actions and specify required action parameters. xecute a test case and check the generated report for faults and errors.

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7. Sailfish Configuration Service Page

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8. Sailfish Test Script Execution Page

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9. Sailfish Test Report

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5. Best Practice for Test Case Automation ike all programming languages, AML has a number of rules which allow avoiding several drawbacks and frustrations: reate independent test cases; heck a number of messages at the end of each test case to make sure there are no redundant messages received; heck the order of received messages; pecify enough pauses between test cases to make sure there are no redundant messages received after a test case has been completed.

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6. Sailfish Future Improvements dd ability for several users to run a test script simultaneously mprove GUI of a test script and message pages dd interactivity in a test script running phase eparate WEB GUI from that part of the server mprove test report generator mprove the functionality to store messages to DB

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7. Load Injector Components & Configuration •Configure a number of connections •Configure template messages •Configure Load Shape for each connection or a group of connections •Configure messages distribution for each connection or a group of connections

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8. Performance Calculator Protocols KPI Filters FIX Throughput Per Client Native Bandwidth Per Instrument MITCH Latency Per Order type Deviation Per Message Type Hardware KPI •Multiprotocols •Processing large dump files (up to the size of HDD) •Easily configurable (adding new filters, new protocols, new metric calculation) •Report Generator using templates

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8. Performance Calculator (continued)

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9. Load Injector - Future Improvements essage distribution configuration for each load shape step emplate messages GUI editor dd expressions to template messages dd event-driven configuration onConnect event onDisconnect event onTime event

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Thank you. 10. Questions & Answers