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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure by xrdp Iwao, Koichiro / metalefty openSUSE.Asia Summit 2017 Tokyo, Japan #xrdp_jp

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I'm a FreeBSD guy. Please be kind to me. Let's be friends. (^_^)b

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What we will learn today ● About me ● What is xrdp? ● Why xrdp? ● Architecture of xrdp ● How is xrdp working? ● Audio redirection ● RemoteFX ● Commercial support & sponsoring

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Who am I?

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Who am I? ● The “xrdp” User's Group of Japan Founder ● xrdp user since 2009 (0.4.0 was my first xrdp) ● xrdp contributor since 2013 ● xrdp developer since 2016 ● FreeNX user looooong ago

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with Jay, Sep 2015 @ US no picture

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What do I do? ● improve FreeBSD compatibility ● improve stability ● improve security (fail2ban support WIP) ● fix CJK or non-ASCII related bugs ● xrdp release management – nothing special, when time comes, just release :)

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Why become an xrdp developer? ● I am a user of both FreeBSD and xrdp ● xrdp couldn't be compiled on FreeBSD before ● No more FreeBSD local patches to unbreak builds ● “Upstream First” policy – submit lots of PRs, bugfixes ● Motivation of making xrdp FreeBSD compatible, because I'm a xrdp user on FreeBSD!

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What is xrdp? An open source server implementation of Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol for Linux or other UNIX-like systems

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In other words... GUI version of GNU screen / tmux

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xrdp works like GNU screen xrdp server detach reattach virtual desktop running on the server

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Then, Why xrdp?

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Using Linux Desktop on Laptop able to use Wi-Fi/Bluetooth? can suspend/hibernate? fingerprint reader? touchpad? spend time what you really want to do

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Linux Desktop on Laptop is a struggle ● I don't want to manage: – Wi-Fi chip is Broadcom BCM****, the driver is found at… – compatibility with new hardware – everytime when I renew my laptop! ● Linux Laptop is a struggle, BSD is a bigger struggle! ● Relieve from such struggles! I know it almost works fine, though...

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Using Linux Desktop via VDI outsoursing computing power longer battery life can be connected anywhere, any client requires a little bit wider network bandwidth

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Basic Architecture

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prime components of xrdp xrdp xrdp-sesman xorgxrdp

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xrdp ● the main service of xrdp ● accepts TCP connection from clients ● speaks Remote Desktop Protocol

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xrdp-sesman ● a session manager ● authenticates user ● executes user session ● executes window manager

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This set of drivers/modules is called “xorgxrdp” xorgxrdp A set of drivers enabling pre- existing X.Org install to communicate with xrdp

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How is xrdp working? xrdp 3389/tcp Alice Bob Tom sesman Alice's session Bob's session Tom's session xorgxrdp sesman manages which instance of xorgxrdp is who's session Firefox LibreOffice

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Wayland? ● Nothing's being done so far ● Maybe some xorgxrdp parts are reusable ● Someday in the future

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Audio redirection ● Supported, but needs additional pulseaudio modules – built in SUSE? if not, let's add it ● xrdp v0.9.4 supports following codecs – LPCM, Opus, MP3, AAC (still experimental) ● Requires client support – Windows client supports MP3 and AAC – FreeRDP supports LPCM only so far

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Graphics remoting ● xrdp supports several graphics codecs – classic – NSCodec – RemoteFX – Adaptive RemoteFX is not supported yet ● RemoteFX is the best in most usecases – smooth scrolling, smooth video playback

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RemoteFX demo here

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Prerequisites for RemoteFX 24 or 32 bit color connection type == LAN ( not autodetect )

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Commercial support for xrdp HAW International Inc. provides commercial support in Japan MIRACLE LINUX is one of customers (MIRACLE LINUX is known as Cybertrust Japan since Oct. 2017)

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Called xrdp enterprise

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Achievement #1 GitHub Issue #399 copy/paste not working if content is not english text or filename Typical multibyte character/locale bug The path part of full path wasn't percent decoded

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Achievement #2 GitHub Issue xorgxrdp#60 Implement disconnected timeout Kill disconnected session after timeout This feature had been implemented to x11rdp but not to xorgxrdp Both bugs are fixed with cooperation of HAW International and MIRACLE LINUX.

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Sponsoring ● Any kind of contributions/donations are welcomed ● Each developer have different specialty – bugs related to Asian locales, ask me – I am the only developer from Asia

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Offering paid work on xrdp or need commercial support, find me on LinkedIn!

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日本の方は から

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Questions? ● To be in time for flight, I must leave here 5 pm ● If any questions, ask me before 5 pm ● Typhoon is coming from south west ● My flight towards west :(