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Using Kubernetes as a datastore for SPIRE Moto Ishizawa @summerwind SPIFFE Meetup Tokyo #1

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Moto Ishizawa @summerwind

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I would like to use SPIRE server on Kubernetes… SQL database !

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• SPIRE's datastore is pluggable and interchangeable • We already have a data storage to run Kubernetes cluster (It’s you, etcd!) • kube-apiserver has a function to aggregate data by labels No, wait...

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Kubernetes Cluster SPIRE Agent SPIRE Agent ‘k8s’ datastore plugin for SPIRE • • This plugin enables to use Kubernetes as a data store for SPIRE server • Store SPIRE’s data as Custom Resources in Kubernetes • It's still experimental, but it works! SPIRE Server SPIRE Agent kube-apiserver Request SVID Store data

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Using ‘k8s’ datastore plugin on minikube (1) Start your Kubernetes cluster with minikube. $ minikube start \ --extra-config=apiserver.authorization-mode=RBAC \ --extra-config=apiserver.service-account-signing-key-file=/var/lib/minikube/certs/sa.key \ --extra-config=apiserver.service-account-key-file=/var/lib/minikube/certs/ \ --extra-config=apiserver.service-account-issuer=api \ --extra-config=apiserver.service-account-api-audiences=api,spire-server

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Using ‘k8s’ datastore plugin on minikube (2) Create CustomResourceDefinition resources. $ curl -L download/crd.yaml | kubectl apply -f -

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Using ‘k8s’ datastore plugin on minikube (3) Installing SPIRE server and SPIRE agents to your cluster. $ curl -L manifests/examples/spire-server.yaml | kubectl apply -f - $ curl -L manifests/examples/spire-agent.yaml | kubectl apply -f -

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Using ‘k8s’ datastore plugin on minikube (4) Ensure that the k8s plugin is enabled. $ kubectl logs -n spire spire-server-0 spire-server … time="2019-05-10T14:24:59Z" level=debug msg="DataStore(k8s): starting plugin" subsystem_name=catalog time="2019-05-10T14:24:59Z" level=debug msg="starting plugin" args="[/opt/spire/bin/spire-plugin- datastore-k8s]" path=/opt/spire/bin/spire-plugin-datastore-k8s plugin_name=k8s plugin_type=DataStore subsystem_name=catalog time="2019-05-10T14:24:59Z" level=debug msg="waiting for RPC address" path=/opt/spire/bin/spire- plugin-datastore-k8s plugin_name=k8s plugin_type=DataStore subsystem_name=catalog time="2019-05-10T14:24:59Z" level=debug msg="plugin address" address=/tmp/plugin572155409 network=unix plugin_name=k8s plugin_type=DataStore subsystem_name=plugin.spire-plugin-datastore-k8s timestamp="2019-05-10T14:24:59.838Z" time="2019-05-10T14:24:59Z" level=debug msg="DataStore(k8s): configuring plugin" subsystem_name=catalog … time="2019-05-10T14:25:00Z" level=info msg="plugins started"

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Using ‘k8s’ datastore plugin on minikube (5) You can also see attested nodes as a Kubernetes resource. $ kubectl get attestednodes -n spire 01dah25fn6fh3xzpjv6aw9meq3 -o yaml apiVersion: kind: AttestedNode metadata: creationTimestamp: "2019-05-10T14:25:47Z" generation: 1 labels: 8a2858aa535a02e5fe19a323601c60a3ed0e75a11c039eecedc8b962 name: 01dah25fn6fh3xzpjv6aw9meq3 namespace: spire resourceVersion: "1597" selfLink: /apis/ uid: 80b8beda-732f-11e9-a486-080027bfff3c spec: attestationDataType: k8s_sat certNotAfter: 1557501947 certSerialNumber: "2" spiffeID: spiffe:// status: {}

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There's room for improvement in KeyManager...? Persistent Storage !

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Thank you!