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DAN ABRAMOV Term coined by

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CONTAINER & PRESENTATIONAL Later called them components

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C IN MVC = SMART V IN MVC = DUMB Others have compared them to

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How things work No DOM markup, no styles Provide data Call actions How things look No app dependencies Just props, for data and callbacks Rarely have own state, only UI state

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Separation of concern Easier to reason about Localize complexity Lots simple components UI bits more reusable BENEFITS

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* (UI noun) MemberTableHeader SearchInput FieldErrors OrgInvitesPendingContainer OrgPageContainer ReportsUsersContainer *Container NAMING

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App needs to be smart Have data Respond to interaction Mostly dumb Lots of UI WHERE TO SPLIT?

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Simplest One transition into dumb components 1-1 SPLIT

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“Deep” 1 component, many props eg, OrgLayoutContainer -> OrgLayout 1-1 SPLIT

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Make the transition faster Scattered props Access to Container references 1-* SPLIT

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“Broad” eg, ReportsUsersContainer -> * 1-* SPLIT

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"When you notice that some components don’t use the props they receive but merely forward them down and you have to rewire all those intermediate components any time the children need more data, it’s a good time to introduce some container components.” @dan_abramov MOAR BROAD?

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CONTAINMENT props.children props.other React.PropTypes.node Name *Layout

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ALL PROPS True wrapper Passthrough, provides additional functionality eg, OverallTrendWidgetContainer -> OverallTrendWidget

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WHOLE REDUCER Lazy? Couples view to reducer format in more places eg, OverallTrendWidgetContainer -> OverallTrendWidget

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NEW PRIMITIVES Explicit Traceable Decoupled

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DISTINGUISHING Rule of thumb: @styleable(css) @connect([selector]) class OneReactComponent extends AntiPattern

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DOGMA It’s an art Pirates’ Code Think

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