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B is for Beta. Matt Jukes

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Passed GDS Service Assessment on January 15th. BETA.ONS

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NSEG agree to support move to Beta on January 26th. BETA.ONS

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During the public Alpha 245 people provided feedback. BETA.ONS

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Beta project officially commences 2nd March. BETA.ONS

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Alpha code is discarded as only suitable for prototype. BETA.ONS

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Beta project consists of four core elements. BETA.ONS

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The publishing application. BETA.ONS

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New infrastructure. BETA.ONS

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Website content. BETA.ONS

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User experience & interface. BETA.ONS

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The publishing application. BETA.ONS

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Does NOT use Tridion. BETA.ONS

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Is optimised for specialist not devolved publishing. BETA.ONS

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Is a web publishing tool NOT a statistical authoring tool. BETA.ONS

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Has been usability tested with Publishing Support from the start. BETA.ONS

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Has an integrated chart- builder. BETA.ONS

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Has an integrated table- builder. BETA.ONS

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New infrastructure. BETA.ONS

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Following Government best practice we are moving to ‘cloud’ infrastructure. BETA.ONS

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Aligning with EDC & Census Transformation we are working with eduserv. BETA.ONS

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Implementing continuous delivery capabilities from day one. BETA.ONS

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Extensive use of automated testing tools. BETA.ONS

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eduserv provide full 24/7 support as a managed service. BETA.ONS

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Penetration testing from ‘Offensive Security Certified Professional’. BETA.ONS

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Web content. BETA.ONS

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Micro-copy & search metadata content rewritten by specialist. BETA.ONS

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350 statistical bulletins are prepared for migration. BETA.ONS

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210 other publications, reports or articles are also ready for migration. BETA.ONS

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Initially all CSDB ‘time series’ data will be available in Beta. BETA.ONS

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The National Archives are increasing the frequency of copying the ONS website. BETA.ONS

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User experience & interface. BETA.ONS

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Feedback from Alpha analysed, prioritised & integrated. BETA.ONS

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New ‘wire-frames’ developed for 16 page types. BETA.ONS

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HTML/CSS templates created for all page types. BETA.ONS

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Accessibility has been improved. Including IE8 compatibility. BETA.ONS

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All pages have been tested on range of mobile devices. BETA.ONS

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Example interactive data visualisation content will be showcased. BETA.ONS

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Fortnightly usability research scheduled throughout July and August (& beyond). BETA.ONS

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One-to-one meetings scheduled with ‘critical friends’. BETA.ONS

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Internal, informal open ‘show & tells’ here, Titchfield & London being scheduled. BETA.ONS

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Weekly Q and A sessions on Yammer to be offered. BETA.ONS

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Important to understand the Beta is still an experiment. BETA.ONS

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During the life of the public Beta we will be dual publishing. BETA.ONS

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A priority will be testing 09.30 publishing capability. BETA.ONS

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There is NOT a ‘go live’ date. BETA.ONS