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Slide 1 text Catch Mind Game for AI’s Imagination JUNCTION ASIA 2022 team. Track: AWS Bitter Sweet! [imaginary] Junseong Kim, Sunghun Kim, Donghoon Jang, Chansu Park

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Hey GPT3, Write the mind-blowing image title GPT3: The Universe Is A Hologram And We Are The Simulations DALL-E! Generate Image! Step 1. Step 2. Step 2.

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DALLE: The Universe Is A Hologram And We Are The Simulations

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_ ___ _______ __ _ ____ AI : Guess what I just imagined!

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_ ___ _______ __ _ ____ A DOG SURFING ON A WAVE AI : Guess what I just imagined!

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: Haha you can't get in to my head

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Is Too Hard? Get ideas from Other Users! Real Time Submission 
 History Viewer

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Compete with World Wide 
 Imaginative Users Point System with Global Leader Board

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Fully Serverless Architecture with AWS Services Zero Operation Service is Running!

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118 people 1160 tries 40mins! (after opening service) entered, to find the answer, in just User Reaction

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“This game is awesome. It really does challenge my imagination. I really would like to play it on my daily free time 
 just like I like to play "Wordle"“ It only took a couple minutes to love this game. @Salmonberry2829 User Reaction

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End Of Presentation Play Now! Astronaut Raccoon with happy face say good bye NOTICE: All images in the presentation are generated by OpenAI DALL-E. Following to OpenAI terms of use, generated images could be use in commercial purpose.