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Duncan Brigginshaw Co-Founder and Technical Director Odin Technology Ltd Realisation of a Collaborative Approach to Test Automation

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Realisation of a Collaborative Approach to Test Automation A case study in post-trade settlement and reconciliation at Clearstream Duncan Brigginshaw Co-Founder and Technical Director, Odin

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Slide 3 text Agenda • Introduction • Background and Business drivers • Defining a collaborative approach to functional test automation • ClearstreamXact Portal and 1CSR Project • Lessons and Conclusions Duncan Brigginshaw Technical Director - Odin

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Slide 4 text Introduction • Deutsche Börse AG • Diversified exchange organisation with wide range of products and services – Listing and Trading, Clearing, Post-Trading, Market- Data and Services • International Central Securities depository (ICSD) - Luxembourg • Post-Trade Infrastructure and Securities service provider • Central Securities Depository (CSD) – Frankfurt • QA Software Vendor • Providers of the Axe Enterprise Test Automation Platform

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Slide 5 text Background and Business drivers Duncan Brigginshaw Technical Director - Odin • Functional GUI Automation key to achieving business goals • History: • Isolated GUI Automation in Business Units – Primarily HP Products – Technical in Nature • Centralised Automation framework developed in-house – Expensive to build and maintain – In-Flexible – Proprietary to HP – Not-Business Oriented • GUI Automation rates not inline with Business goals

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A collaborative test automation approach

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Slide 7 text Stages Duncan Brigginshaw Technical Director - Odin • High Level Vision – Define a Collaborative Automation Methodology • “Involve Functional Analysts/Testers in Automation” • Requirements – Script-less business focussed automation architecture – Execution Tool Independent (HP + Selenium) – Future Proof – Compatible with current HP ALM Infrastructure • Process – Initial Research and RFP – Matrix Scoring on Requirements – Shortlisted Vendor Proof of Concept – Vendor Selection – Rollout Methodology Defined with Vendor Support – Initial project identified to prove and refine the approach

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Slide 8 text Teams and Geography Business Units Technical Test and Tools Tool Vendors Functional Testers (Offshore) Application Development (Offshore) Functional Testers (Nearshore)

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Slide 9 text • Functional Acceptance Criteria (FAC) • Test Cases • Test Design • Technical Tool Support • Supporting Tool Infrastructure Skill sets and Asset Focus

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Slide 10 text Clear Matrix of Roles and Responsibilities

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Slide 11 text HP ALM Central to Test Asset Mgmt. HP ALM Business Units Technical Test and Tools Functional Testers (Offshore) Functional Testers (Nearshore)

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Business Units Asset Creation • Functional Acceptance Criteria (FAC) + Test Case / Condition Design Excel Template • Import Creates linked Requirements and Tests in HP ALM automatically HP ALM Import

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Technical Test and Tools Asset Creation Technical Test Assets Creation Axe Automation Platform • Project Setup • Supporting Custom Code • Added to ALM Test Resources HP ALM HP UFT

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Slide 14 text Asset Creation Functional Test Design / Definition Functional Testers (Offshore) Functional Testers (Nearshore) Axe Automation Platform • Test Design Steps and Automation Code generated automatically HP ALM

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Slide 15 text Test Execution • Automated Tests Scheduled and Executed HP ALM • Results and Acceptance Criteria Coverage Captured HP UFT

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The Initial Project: ClearstreamXact Web Portal

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Slide 17 text ClearstreamXact WebPortal Duncan Brigginshaw Technical Director - Odin • ClearstreamXact – Framework for access to Clearstream ICSD and CSD Services – Settlement, Cash Management, Asset Servicing, Collateral Management, Securities Lending, Fund Services • Xact Automated access • Xact Web Portal (GUI) • Clearstream Settlement and Reporting – TARGET2 and Global Securities – Instructions, Positions, Cash and Securities

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Slide 18 text Project Snapshot Total 75% Manual Automation Functional Acceptance Criteria Automated Not Automated 64.4% of Target (45% of Total) U Completed 35% Not Completed Forecast Target

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Slide 19 text Project Timeline & Progress Completed Not Automated Automated 64.4% Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4 Month 5

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Slide 20 text Duncan Brigginshaw Technical Director - Odin • Application Build and Delivery – Daily Updates – Weekly Delivery • Testing – Subset of Tests Run Daily – Full Regression Pack of Tests run Weekly – 12hr Execution Across 12 Machines Application Build and Test Regime

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Slide 21 text Lessons and Conclusions Duncan Brigginshaw Technical Director - Odin • Lessons Learned - Refinements: – Requirement for automated test failure triage process – Defect management for automation (separate to development) – Asset naming conventions needed early in the project – New functionality found more challenging for automation than regression • Collaboration was key in automation success • Important to define clear roles and responsibilities • Leveraging relevant skills and expertise in the appropriate Mix • Collaborative methodology and selected tooling is proving successful over manual testing and previous automation

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