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© 2023 Ginco Inc. About Ginco Inc. 1 Company Profile Latest Update:2023.11.20

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© 2023 Ginco Inc. 2 1 No.1 market share of enterprise crypto asset wallet installations in Japan 1 No.1 in Japan in Providing Web3 API to enterprises 1 No. 1 in Japan in crypto assets and blockchain compatibility (As of 2023 Sep) (As of 2023 Sep) Ginco is a Web3 Development Company that supports your Web3 business

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© 2023 Ginco Inc. Achievements  market share of crypto asset wallets  blockchain nodes provided  number of crypto assets supported  number of blockchains supported Awards ‧Selected as one of the "100 Strongest Ventures" by Shogakukan DIME magazine and Toyo Magazine in 2023 ‧FIN/SUM2018 Pitch Battle UKAward Winner ‧Tech in Asia 2018 Pitch Battle Grand Prix Award ‧Selected for B Dash Camp 2018 Pitch Battle Final Membership Associations Company Details 3 1 (2023年9⽉ 当社調べ) 1 1 1 Company Name Ginco Inc. Headquarters 〒104-0032 Hatchobori 3-27-4, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo CEO Muuto Morikawa Founding Date 21st December, 2017 Fundraising 410 million yen (as of October 2022) Main Business Blockchain-based Software Development / Consulting and R&D Certifications ISO / IEC 27001:2013 / JIS Q 27001:2014 Shareholders

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© 2023 Ginco Inc. © 2023 Ginco Inc. 4 Clients & Stakeholders Selected customers and partners who have done business with us and have given us permission to disclose their names, etc., or with whom we have done business through press releases, media coverage, etc., that are publicly known (as of October 10, 2023, titles abbreviated, in alphabetical order). Client & Partner Shareholder

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© 2023 Ginco Inc. Recent Initiatives and Achievements 5 Nov 2023 Started exploring "XJPY/XUSD" as a wholesale stablecoin across the crypto asset industry.

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© 2023 Ginco Inc. Recent Initiatives and Achievements 6 Oct 2023 Collaboration with X2Y2 and tofuNFT for a secondary marketplace for redeemable NFTs. Keywords What kind of initiatives? Redeemable NFT An initiative to tokenize physical redemption rights on the blockchain to facilitate transactions. Tokenized rights NFTs An initiative to facilitate transactions by tokenizing rights to exercise rights to tickets, hotel accommodations, etc. on the blockchain. Phygital NFT An initiative to link real-world and digital marketing through NFT. RWA Tokenization of real world assets (currencies, securities, bonds, commodities) on the blockchain. Jointly developed a redeemable NFT marketplace

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© 2023 Ginco Inc. Recent Initiatives and Achievements 7 Aug 2023 Initiative with Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation The first trust bank in Japan to offer crypto asset trust services together Jun 2023 Initiative with Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Ltd. An empirical study of digital assets for a realized Web3 and Token Economy Jun 2023 Initiative with SOMPO Light Vortex Co-created a business to realize a carbon credit platform using Web3 technology Jan 2023 Initiative with SBI VC Trade and SBI NFT SBI WEB3 WALLET enabling NFT trading with just JPY

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© 2023 Ginco Inc. Recent Initiatives and Achievements 8 Jan 2023 - Initiative with COLOPL Infrastructure for web3 game dev in the COLOPL Group to support service Sep 2023 Initiative with Fintertech (a joint venture between Daiwa Securities Group Inc. and Credit Saison) Supporting an NFT mgmt service for companies and users to handle NFTs. Mar 2023 Initiative with Mizuno Corp. Planning and mkting support of redeemable shoe NFTs for in-kind products Mar 2022 Initiative with MIXI, Inc. NFT marketplace infrastructure for MIXI & DAZN to support service implementation

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© 2023 Ginco Inc. Our History 9 Ginco was founded in December of 2017, when all of Japan was in the midst of the "Bitcoin Bubble". Led by CEO Morikawa, who was an opinion leader on crypto assets and blockchain technology, Ginco has been providing services necessary for the spread and development of Web3 from its inception to the present. Today, as one of the leading companies representing the Web3 domain in Japan, we are trusted by many financial institutions and platform companies. Founded in 2017, contributing to development as a leading company in the web3 industry ◆ 2017.12 Ginco Inc. established ◆ 2018.01 Seed round Raised 150M yen in funding from Global Brain ◆ 2018.04 Mobile wallet app “Ginco” launched Launched Japan's first wallet application supporting multiple blockchains. ◆ 2019.01 Started providing blockchain infrastructure such as node wallets as a B2B business Launched Ginco Node and Ginco Enterprise Wallet. ◆ 2020.04 Pre-series A Raised funds from DBJ Capital ◆ 2021.09 No.1 share of the domestic market for B2B wallets Support for the largest # of blockchains and currencies in Japan ◆ 2021.11 Series A Raised a total of 570 million yen from Miyako Capital, DBJ Capital, and MUFJ Capital ◆ 2022.07 Participation in Mizuho Securities' ST Experiment Conducted a test on third-party opposition requirements under the Industrial Competitiveness Enhancement Act. ◆ 2022.10 SBI VCT and SBI NFT Web3 Wallet Joint Development Innovative Web3 Wallet UI/UX for buying NFTs in JPY only. ◆ 2023.06 Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank and Trust Base Participate in Comprehensive PoC for Web3 Digital Assets Participation in research across digital assets such as NFT, ST, and GT ◆ 2023.06 Hosts Web3 conference "Web3 Future 2023". Speakers: LDP, the FSA the Digital Agency, and a variety of other experts ◆ 2023.08 2nd Runner-Up Award at the G20 DIA Summit (fintech) Highly rated among startups globally gathered at the G20 in India ◆ 2023.08 Crypto Asset Trust Service with MUFJ T&B Corporation Realized Japan's first crypto asset trust by a trust bank itself ◆ 2023.09 Chosen"100 Amazing Ventures" by Toyo Keizai Inc. Selected from the Fintech sector as a Web3 company

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© 2023 Ginco Inc. Business Overview 10 As a comprehensive developer in Web3, we provide comprehensive support from development to the growth phase. Planning Requirements Clarification PoC Service Dev Service Op Diversification‧ Profitability Professional Service
 Web3 Cloud
 Web3 SaaS

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© 2023 Ginco Inc. What we solve 11 In order to succeed in Web3, it is essential to eliminate the burden of non-competitive areas prior to business formation. Business est. Business Success High education cost Speed of change Regulatory & tax Governance & Security Safe operation of infrastructure Cost of internal communications Competitive Non-competitive

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© 2023 Ginco Inc. Helping clients in Web3 by eliminating the burden in the non-competitive areas. Value Proposition 12 Competitive Non- competitive We provide the environment needed for the client to focus on competitiveness!

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© 2023 Ginco Inc. Provides "Web3 Cloud" cloud platform for Web3 application development and "Web3 SaaS" software for business use Ginco Product Details 13 Web3 Cloud
 Web3 SaaS
 Wallet API
 Exploler API
 Node API
 Client SDK
 Server SDK
 SDKs and APIs for developers can be quickly integrated into your system as a cloud service. 
 Service can be used immediately after installation and take advantage of all the necessary functions from the dashboard. Individual Development in Professional Services 
 Key Management Proxy
 Varidator Node API

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© 2023 Ginco Inc. No. 1 in Japan of crypto assets and blockchains supported Deployed by many companies as a top-rated enterprise product, including crypto asset wallets for B2B Product - Web3 SaaS 14 1 1 No. 1 in Japan for companies handling crypto assets

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© 2023 Ginco Inc. All-in-one cloud platform to support Web3 business development Product - Web3 Cloud 15 Wallet Node Indexer Top # of blockchains supported in Japan Japan's only all-in-one platform that provides three essential functions for Web3 services 1 1 Ethereum Polygon Astar Oasys Avax

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© 2023 Ginco Inc. 3 Reasons to choose Ginco 16 ①Service Coverage
 … A wide range of service coverage, from planning to development and operation, that can only be provided by Web3 experts ②Multi-asset & Chain
 … High technical capabilities to handle any digital asset on any blockchain ③Enterprise Quality
 … Safe and secure service delivery quality that meets financial enterprise level requirements

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© 2023 Ginco Inc. © 2023 Ginco Inc. Strength① Integrated service, with Web3 specialized areas 17 As one of the few companies that provide wallets and nodes, which tend to rely on external services due to the high level of expertise required to implement and operate them, we are the No. 1 provider in this field, and we provide a wide range of support for our customers' issues. 
 In node-hosting and wallet areas, typically third-party providers are utilized Problem Identification / Hypothesis Building New Development Optimizing operation, integrating business tools Navigating hurdles in regulations, taxation, and accounting audits No.1 Wallet in Japan No.1 Node-hosting in Japan Continued Customer Support Consulting Firm (Provides) Consulting Services SIer Provided (Provided by) individual development (*additional fees are incurred) Foreign Blockchain Startups, etc. Provided Services are often inadequate [ Professional Service / Web3 Cloud / Web3 SaaS ] Comprehensive Services for Web3 Business Development Ginco can support Provided Local Blockchain Startups, etc. Provided Services are often inadequate

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© 2023 Ginco Inc. © 2023 Ginco Inc. Strength② High tech capabilities to support multi-asset & chain 18 Highest Compatibility Domestically Ginco is the most versatile developer of digital assets in Japan. At the same time, Ginco has the most experience in blockchain support in Japan, and our strength is that we can flexibly respond to the web3 businesses that our clients want to realize in both the public and enterprise domains, and consistently provide services even after business growth and diversification. 
 No. 1 in Japan for supported digital asset types & # of supported blockchains
 Security Token
 Stable Coin
 Utility Token
 Digital Asset

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© 2023 Ginco Inc. © 2023 Ginco Inc. Strength③ Enterprise-level safe & secure service delivery 19 We provide safe and secure services that meet the required standards of availability, stability, security, business compatibility, and customer support for implementation in financial institutions and major corporations. Availability Stability OK!
 Security OK!
 Business Compatibility OK!
 Customer Support OK!
 ‧Availability 99.9%+ ‧SLA/SLO support    ‧Integrated by Financial Institutions ‧Adopts Patented technology ‧Optimized for domestic regulations ‧Industry standard services ‧Flexible support system ‧Response rate 100%

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© 2023 Ginco Inc. “The overall infrastructure burden has been dramatically reduced, allowing us to focus our resources on competitive areas. The advantage is that we receive extensive support from wallet experts who know the laws and regulations and the practicalities. Zaif Corporation Customer's Voice - For the Competitiveness of Companies 20 “Replaced with a wallet provided by Ginco, the number of personnel required for development has been reduced to 1/3. We have both security and governance with deep knowledge of blockchain and solid technical capabilities. Mr. Hiroyuki Masuda, Senior Managing Director, SBI Markets, Inc. Mr. Tomohiko Kondo, Managing Director, SBI VC Trade Co. “Ginco's fast, easy-to-use, and flexible Web3 infrastructure was a prerequisite for the company's growth strategy, and Ginco's services helped create the image of "BPJ for new issues" and "BPJ for beginners," leading to a V-shaped recovery. President and Representative Director, Bitpoint Japan Co. Mr. Taku Tashiro

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© 2023 Ginco Inc. 21 Management Team MUUTO Morikawa CEO
 While a student at Kyoto University, he started his blockchain business and founded Ginco Inc. in December 2017. He is working on creating a cloud platform to support the creation of Web3 businesses using crypto assets, NFTs, and other digital assets. In 2019, he was selected by Forbes Next Under30 and BUSINESS INSIDER "Beyond Millennials" as a leading entrepreneur in the blockchain industry. He is the author of "Introduction to Blockchain", "The Future of Blockchain", "Future IT Illustrated: The Future of Blockchain Business", "Super Introduction to Blockchain", "Future Business Illustrated: The Future of NFT", etc. YOHEI Fusayasu Majored in computer science including speech recognition and natural language processing at Kobe University Graduate School. After working on UI/UX design at a blockchain technology development company, he worked on business strategy for LINE Pay at LINE Corporation. Executive Vice President MASATAKA Morishita Studied natural language processing, artificial intelligence, and deep learning at Toyohashi University of Technology and graduate school. He co-founded Ginco as Chief Technology Officer and is mainly responsible for the development of blockchain infrastructure. Director and CTO

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© 2023 Ginco Inc. Numerous awards and contests Highly acclaimed in Japan and Overseas 22 MEDIA Weekly Toyo Keizai, September 11, 2023 Selected as one of the "100 Amazing Venture Businesses Shogakukan DIME March 2023 Selected as one of the 100 most powerful startups G20 Digital Innovation Alliance Fintech 2nd Runner-Up AWARD Tech in Asia Won STARTUP ARENA PRIZE

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© 2023 Ginco Inc. Our team has served as opinion leaders in the industry, authoring many papers and speaking at conferences 23 BOOK EVENT COLLUMN ● Blockchain Paves the Way to Capitalism and Beyond ● The overheated metaverse. What are the two trends that are generating the frenzy? ● The root cause of many people's lack of understanding of the "Web 3.0" explanation ● Digital images are worth hundreds of millions of yen! The true nature of the "NFT bubble ● Three Backgrounds of the "Web3" Boom, Ideal and Reality ● Web3 Business in Four Layers Wrote columns and commentary articles for many other media outlets Financial Services Agency FIN/SUM 
 Financial Services Agency FIN/SUM 
 GLOBIS International University 
 Waseda Univesrsity
 Keio University
 Graduate School of Project Design 

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© 2023 Ginco Inc. Hosted "Web3 Future 2023," for industry, government, and academia collaboration 24

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© 2023 Ginco Inc. Overseas Expansion into Global Standard Web3 Infrastructure 25 With offices in several overseas locations, the company has expanded its business, particularly in Asian markets such as Singapore, India, Hong Kong, and South Korea. Ginco India Ginco Singapore Ginco HQ Sep 2023 Korea Asia Fintech Conference in Seoul Sep 2023 India IIT Career Fair Sep 2023 India TechSpark2023 Aug 2023 India G20 DIA in India

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© 2023 Ginco Inc. 免責事項 本資料の提供は、いかなる意味においても有価証券(及びそれに準ずる仮想通貨‧トークン)の取得の申込の勧誘を構成するものではありません。また、本資料は純粋に情報提供の⼀環であり、本資料で提供する情報を、⾦融その他の専⾨的なアドバイ スとして捉え、これに依拠することはできません。本資料を、有価証券(及びそれに準ずる仮想通貨‧トークン)に関する助⾔または推奨として解釈すべきではありません。本資料の提供者は、各投資家の適合性(投資⽬標、財務状況または特定の必要 性)を考慮しておりません。したがって、本資料をもとに投資を⾏われる際には、各投資家が投資を⾏う前に各⾃の独⽴した⾦融、法律、税務等に関する専⾨家の助⾔を求めることをお勧めします。投資家は、これらの⾦融商品(及びそれに準ずる仮想 通貨‧トークン)の中には価格変動に晒されるものがあることを⼗分認識する必要があります。なお、本資料に記載されている定量データが当該⾦融商品(及びそれに準ずる仮想通貨‧トークン)の元本や⼀定の利回りを保証やお約束をするものではあり ません。また、状況次第では投資⾦額の⼀部を失う可能性があることにご留意ください。 本資料の著作権は、すべて、弊社または当該情報を弊社に提供した者(以下「情報提供者」といいます。)に帰属します。弊社または情報提供者の事前の書⾯による承諾なくして本情報を複製、再送信、配信、販売、頒布、出版、放送、回覧、商業的 利⽤、変更または改変することはできません。また、読者は、本資料を違法な⽬的のために利⽤しないことに同意します。本資料の提供を受けた者は、本資料の著作権またはその他の表⽰を消去または除去しないことに同意します。 Contact Us +81-3-6868-8632 [email protected] 3-27-4 Hatchobori, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0032, Japan 経済のめぐりを変えていく 26 26 26 26 Changing the way the economy works.