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Presented by: Danny Denhard Founder, Fanclubs, Community, Tribes, Herds - The Next Generation Of People Powered Businesses Full long form downloadable ➡ or scan QR code ↘

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Why Listen To Me? Danny Denhard – there are only two of us in the world 20 years in Marketing, Growth & Leadership Led Growth, Product, Marketing Departments & a well known Crowdfunding Platform (Agency, Inhouse & 2x Consultancies) Creator : I create 2x podcasts, I write 2x newsletter every week Strategy, Marketing & Growth Consultant - Truly believes there should be one strategy company wide (all departments then have action plans)

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A rapid fire look into consumers, thinking differently, how & why we connect the ways we do Like what you hear go to for the full breakdown

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This is going to be quick fire so please take pictures 📱 & use screenshots 👩💻 as we go Reminder for full deck ➡

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Human Programming - Survival & Connection 🧠 Humans constantly look for - Behavioural and social cues - it’s how we survived 🦺 We then build out (Tribal) relationships 🤝 I belong here with these people, they are ‘my people’ 🐺 Once we feel we truly belong we stick to our Tribe (small cliques) 🏳 We then select our uniform: This is the badge (or flag) I represented & wear proudly 👥 If we get behind something bigger we become part of a Herd (larger movement) 🫂 We seek others with emotional intelligence (EQ) not just IQ We all look for Psychological Safety even if we are pretending to be someone else

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Wear Your Achievements With Pride Pride Brand connection Winner This Is Me My Moment Part Of Something Bigger Brand connection Hint - leverage cultural norms 🇬🇧 - I did it 🇺🇸 - I won 🇦🇺 - I won 🇳🇿 - I did it 🇨🇦 - I did it Our Moment Source: Keith Williams Social - Absolute Athlete

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Much of what we touch upon today is connected to: Social Cognitive Theory

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Obvious Statement Alert: Every company & charity are looking for existing audiences with networks & flywheels Many do not understand it fully

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The biggest thing charities are facing is fatigue. Fundraiser fatigue, donor fatigue = Ask Fatigue Image Source

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Rethink Giving & Donations ● Time ⌚ – I want to give the most valuable thing I have – time ● Love ❤ – I love this person, I will support you with my love ● Energy 💨 – I will give you positive energy ● Support 🫂 - in person or from far away ● Money 💷 – If I am in the position to I will give you a donation

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Original Social Email 4b+ 📧 Friends Facebook 2.9b Messenger 1.3b Instagram 1b Snapchat 500m Social Entertainment YouTube 2b Tiktok 732m Interests / News Reddit 430m Twitter 206m (daily monetised active users) Professional LinkedIn 310m Discord 140m Slack (10m April 2020) Future Planning Pinterest 454m Private Chat SMS 4b+ WhatsApp 2b iMessage 1b+ Telegram 525m Signal ~40m Large Social Platforms

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🙋 When was the last time you asked your followers are they/you ok? 🤔 Or when was the last time you remembered they were doing something not connected to your event?

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Scary Statement The tools are there, the people are there, you are there, so what is missing? Chasing likes, one off comments and trying to gain engagement - often a false currency

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Go Deeper: Global Stats - SimilarWeb

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Go Deeper With App Annie Data

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UK Apps

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US Apps

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AUS Apps

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Apps Have Use Cases

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Games = Worlds Of Investment Huge investment (in building and in time) made from 9 - 90 years olds. Games by design, social by nature Roblox - constructing a playable world around game play & investing in skins (NFT’s) Fortnite - playing 1000’s of people (friends, family, strangers) at one time, building reputation & custom authority & avatars (skins = NFT’s). Fortnite is the closest thing to a metaverse away from secondlife.

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What We Are Using & Why Money Chat Shopping Email Weather Web Music Podcasts Food Time

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Chat Vs ‘Social’ Chat with friends Connect with colleagues Keep on top of news Be part of a community Network Stay on top of work Chat with friends See what others are up to Keep on top of news Be part of a community Network Stay on top of work Chat Social Blurring lines of social media, gaming & social entertainment aka social- tainment

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Chat Became Many Things Chat with 1 friend 3 Best Friends Chat Private Group Of Friends Official Work Chat Group Unofficial Work Chat Group Chat For Work Friends Networking Group Interest Group Kids Sports Group Family Group Friends & Family Work Interests & Entertainment Passion Group 💬

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We Are Now The Anytime Anywhere Generation ● Access to information at anytime ● Constantly connected ● I want to be entertained ● I want to fill micro moments of time ● I want to get an answer quickly ● Work From Anywhere: I use two devices at all times

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Free Tip: Add the apps into the circles, find out which is most used & there’s a place to start your connection build

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Consumer Time To Donate Matters! TTD: If I know, like or love someone - I want the quickest way to support them

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Know How We Are Engineered As People

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Humans Are Engineered Hierarchically For our brains to work we need to tag, file & priorities according to our environment ● Me - My Identity ○ Interests ■ Enjoys ■ Dislikes ■ Endures ○ Wants ○ Needs ○ Supports ● Friends ○ Best friends ○ Close friends ○ Friends from home ○ Friends from school ● Family ● Acquaintances ● Local ● Work ○ Boss ○ Colleagues ● Money

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Everyone can be the version(s) of themselves they want to portray online People, brands & communities do not understand it fully (yet)

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The Three Internet Persona’s To Know The Real Me - Real Name, real job, real location (Danny Denhard, Coach, London) Pseudonymous Me - Hidden behind a handle (@fluffybunny21) or identity I curate and live behind (‘private’) Anonymous Me - Anonymous name, anonymous photo, anonymous personality (Robo 8, Tennis Writer, Miami) Image Source

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Leverage This Insiders Info ● Give insider information - give insider looks / first looks ● We have played games together for hundreds of years. We play with our closest friends and family. Especially board games ;-) ● Experience in "their space" not a new space (no new friction / high fidelity is essential) ● The most important character in any story is you as the protagonist, then the supporting cast ● When you participate you want to feel you have added to the cause ● Entertainment TikTok Is - 93% consumer /7% Creator ○ Vs Other Platforms: 80/20 Pareto Rule - 20% create 80% of the value ● We all consume & participate differently (me then we experience) ● The world we live in link driven. It’s contextual. Informationally rich. Links beat buttons ● Video chat+: Spaces you’re already in or on (think zoom as a platform) ● Living the future vs reliving a great past ● Feedback > Opinion ○ Hear their feedback - you need to reply and hear them ○ Provide feedback ● We are craving experiences ● Leverage The Share-nt (parent who overshares)

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We Are Communicating Differently - What’s Acceptable & What Do They Mean? Emoji’s Gifs Stickers Meme’s Sources - Instagram & Giphy BIG HINT: Reverse Engineer Why Meme’s Start & Grow In Record Time

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Hint: What We Are All* Looking For People who think like us People who have interests like us People who make us feel safe People who want to hear our thoughts People who positively challenge us People who bring us into their group. People are engineered for safety Tools that connect us Tools that make our lives easier Tools that amplify our voice Tools that allow me to be the ME I want to BE Tools that remove boundaries Tools that create a safe space Tools that make me feel liked (not always loved) *All most of us...

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Hint: Social Science: Name your people to connect on a common level (like the countries flag) Company Internal Name Twitter Tweeps Eventbrite Britelings Pinterest Pinployees Google Googlers Reddit Snoos Microsoft Microsofties Square Squares Airbnb AirFam Disney Cast Members Amazon Amazonians Medium Medians Cameo Fameo Trello Trellists

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Fan Clubs, Community, Tribes, Herds All these formations are loyalty based, they reduce noise but create FOMO, they take chat to discussion, discussion to action. It’s why humans are engineered to connect to strangers

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Quick FYI Groups are the simplest formation - they are not always a community (especially on Facebook, LinkedIn etc), but can be upgraded to a tribe or a herd

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Fan Clubs When groups of people come together to continue to celebrate together ● Books ● Characters ● Shows ● Artists ● Musicians ● Influencers (YouTuber’s, Twitch, Bloggers) ● “Fan boys”

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💡Fan Club Calls Leverage your talent or partner talents and arrange ways to connect with talent on calls, selfies videos and personalised thanking you Free Hint: Be Inspired By Cameo’s Fans First Model

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Community A formation of people who come together around a cause (local often the bigger use case) ● 1am new parent ● Gaming (watching & playing live) ● Building a world together (Roblox) ● Chipping in for the local park benches ● Supporting the local church rebuild ● Supporting the local hospice ● Building the metaverse FYI Community is not a branded Facebook group. It is not a large following on Instagram. Your engagement rate tells you this. It’s not a 1m plus CRM database!

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Tribes A formation of people for safety and around one core ideal or small sets of beliefs. Becomes exclusive the bigger tribes get ● Sports fans ● Sport teams ● Large Facebook groups with formal admin’s ● Break away pods of stag & hen do’s ● Teams within companies ● Anti 💉

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Tribes: How They Actually Work

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Alumni - Tribal Vs Herd Alumni work and act differently... The support is tribal. They way it forms and supports can become a herd It’s local, it’s ex teachers, ex students, (wherever they live now) That truly believe they are part of something more than education

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Herds A growing formation of people truly getting behind a cause or an interest, fully inclusive to those who are into the cause. Grows organically, quickly ● Dancing to the same beat in the same way ● Singing the same song ● Singing at a concert ● Captain Tom’s ● Charity Ninja’s ● Cleaning beaches across the world

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Herds Herd’s Phase 1 Herd’s Phase 2 Cause People When it moves its grows

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Herd’s Phase 3 The bigger herd’s get the more causes occur the more support happens How people cluster together within herds should be your guide to understand its growing & evolving naturally. Good, organic Herd’s rarely need policing!

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Magic To Herd Success Alpha is the leader Beta is the highly supportive & connective sub lead Internal influencers will be vital in driving your herd forward.

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Quick FYI Formations happen around the content (cause) that is created, curated and consumed. Be part of something BIGGER. It’s the connection that drives the action.

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Watch This Classic Dance Herding Video Video Source

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Quick SWOT Formation Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat Fan club Long lasting relationship with “influencer” Will never be able to be part of the conversation organically Be part of a long standing formation that has love for an influencer Cost of investment with resources Community Highly engaged formation looking to connect and be part of something long term Rarely something you can police and the community will only look for you when something goes wrong Connect 10’s, 100’s, 1000’s of people with similar likes or loves and help create a bigger movement What is said in the group won’t stay in the group and can spin out tribes and herds Tribe Quick to spin up and create action Often will go out alone and be unmanageable Support something or someone quickly Can deviate away from your good intention Herd Organic movement for good causes Can quickly grow to a huge size Support something that brings networks along for the journey Can fizzle out quickly and likely seen as a cost

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Your Next Challenge Build, Buy Or Rent Formation

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Build, Buy, Rent Formation Build? Full ownership = it is yours Long term investment Requires a community specialist (leader) not a Marketing or Product leader. You will need to work out how you will build advocates Product & Development will want to build out software and will take a long time to develop Will require Marketing investment & Product enhancements Buy? Split ownership = likely not to own user details & continue to cost you Short term financial investment Requires a community specialist & legal teams to be part of the discussion Rent? Rented ground = landlord to change items around you, especially if it’s algorithmic driven and contact ownership Mid term investment Requires a community specialist and advocates to help build out Will require Marketing investment

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🚨 Hints & Tips Time

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Peer To Peer - Connection, Recommendation, Safety The reason why peer to peer crowdfunding works so well: It’s friends, family, colleagues = trust It has inbuilt network effects, It touches on the ultra personal, It ticks one or two of the boxes: of friends or family, fan club, community, tribe or herd. People choose the formation they join The ask is for something essential (not for just something trivial) You can compare vs the £3 cup of daily coffee or that one take away treat of £30 & importantly you will see the returns of your investment as you will likely see or hear of the update directly Product & Tools just help something happen seamlessly without their own agenda

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Cheatsheet Type Duration Fanclubs Long term - builds quickly, highly engaged, no leader/admin required Community Mid term - builds slowly, needs engagement to be created by members, informal leader required Tribes Mid term - builds quickly, needs a leader for people to look towards Herds Short term or longest term - builds quickly, needs one alpha, two beta’s (leaders)

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Signals Of Important Formation & Time To Leverage Phase 1 - New ● Rewards - When thanks has to become bigger, move to badges, medals ● Gamification - When you need a like, a love, a clap ● Chat vs Chatter vs Community - When a chat turns into chatter and reoccurs and then create a community around this on a platform ● FOMO vs JOMO - When joy of missing out competes with fear of missing out. The best groups create exclusive fear ● Open vs Invite Only vs Semi Private vs Private - When you decide what type of formation it is Phase 2 - Maturity ● Internal Growth - Language - In Jokes - Abbreviations: When an internal language forms, in jokes happen, when your own style of abbreviations start appearing ● Informal Leadership (Alpha) - When a leader bubbles to the top of informal becomes the leader and others panda to the alpha ● Formal vs Informal - When a group goes from informal to formal. Relationships change & as does leadership Phase 3 - Transactional ● Currency - When recommendation generate work or money is started to be traded internally & externally ● Them Vs Us - When a group becomes spoken about in an industry or between fans & becomes hyper exclusive (them Vs Us)

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Final Tips ● Talk with, not at (your) people ● Customers will form for positive and negative ● Use The 2-2-1 Method: Two eyes, two ears, one mouth - you are there to support and guide not to enforce ● We live in a multi device world: laptop + mobile, mobile + TV - leverage this with CTA’s and connecting people ● People Connect With “People” - When Sophie left a large takeaway company the brand received a record number of emails wishing Sophie good luck. Sophie did not exist ● Communities need policing - informal admins are the best, brands policing = kills engagement and connections ● Communities rewards each other - empower people to reward and gift each other ● Old is New Again / Retro Is Cool - Do not ignore forums – incredibly powerful ● Brand Free Communities - Communities do not want brands in them, their people are just about ok ● Brands always ask for more from their customers, ASK LESS – money is often the hardest to come especially in 2020 to 2022 ● Give People Their New Uniform - brands do not do this enough (think Finisher t-shirt from 2013 still being worn) ● Humans are competitive, leverage this ● Please stop ask fatigue

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Thank You 👏 Danny Denhard - let’s chat [email protected] // Scan for full deck ➡