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A story till the netlify fun book is made ~ 2018.12.13 netlify meetup tokyo ~ Tatsuaki Watanabe@cremo inc.

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If you access this website. Post question and reaction plz. This website hosting on netlify. You can comment on this slide!

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Self introduction ◉ Tatsuaki Watanabe (渡邊 達明) ◉ Twitter: @nabettu ◉ Web Frontend(Vue.js, Nuxt.js, React.js)& Native App(React Native with Expo) ◉ Fujitsu Limited → Kayac inc. → Cremo inc.

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I’m Developing

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Question.1 Are you using netlify?   never use it   use in a private project   use at work You can send    on this website↑

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Question.2 Is there a "Never Used" feature with netlify's following features?   Netlify CMS   Forms   Functions   Split test   Prerendering

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“ Netlify has lots of useful features. Why haven’t you use ! ! !

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therefore... ◉ I think there are a lot of functions that unusing & unknown. ◉ I think there are people who have hurdles because there is no Japanese document   Writing a fun book that features all the   functionality of Netlify !!!

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Distributed ゼロから始めるNetlify “Let's start Netlify from scratch” in the techbook festival 5 in October 2018. We wrote Netlify fun book

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THE SHIMESABUZZ ナベ We wrote netlify fun book. (Kayac inc. & ex-Kayac member) タカユリ のびー ひめ

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Character is important for the cover of the book in techbook festival The book that I issued last time Ms.Vue.js   & Ms.Firebase

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Netlify’s image is…? ◉ A lot of convenient functions are provided for static site. ◉ like a secretary for front-end engineers ◉ do everything in a nice touch and the work is quick. Anthropomorphize such an image!

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If you buy a book you can also read manga of ねっとりさん! She can do work quickly, as a gap a laziness female at home in the setting of character. (干物女) There is a manga drawn by タカユリ

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ゼロから始めるNetlify ¥800 (pdf or booklet) You can buy from Booth!

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Any questions? You can ask me on twitter later. Thanks!