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Break Things Don’t be afraid of experimenting Zoë Nolan Rails Girls London December 2015

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Hello my name is Zoë Find me online at Don't worry about taking notes

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Try things Following guides is a good start But only the start of your journey

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Not all Experiments work Things will go wrong

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Version Control Word’s track changes for source code

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Git Created by Linus Torvalds Been around since 2005 Widely used

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Who am I? git config --global “Ada Lovelace“ git config --global [email protected]

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Somewhere to store the changes git init RailsGirlsLondonSix

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Adding changes git add TheNextFacebook.rb git commit

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Branching Create a Branch git branch CoolNewThing Switch to a branch git checkout CoolNewThing Delete a Branch git branch –D CoolNewThing

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See your changes git status git log

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Tutorials Try Git How to Use Git and GitHub Pro Git

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Resources Git cheat sheet A successful Git branching model

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