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April 17, 2023 SoracomCompany Introduction

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In this document, we will introduce Soracom's company, services, and culture to those who are interested in working at Soracom. 目次 1. About the Company 2. About the Business 3. Working Environment 4. Culture 5. Soracom's Technology and Engineering Organization 6. Regarding Recruitment 2

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1. About the Company

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SORACOM’S VISION 4 The best possible human future is connected.

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Company Overview Founders Headquarters SORACOM, INC. | Japan Tokyo Company Name President and CEO Capital Established Service Launch SORACOM, INC. Ken Tamagawa 3.7 billion and 270 million yen (including capital reserve) November 2014 September 2015 Group Soracom Global, inc. | US Seattle SORACOM CORPORATION, LTD. | UK London Ken Tamagawa CEO Daichi Funato COO Kenta Yasukawa CTO CEO of America 5

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2. About the Business

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Making IoT connectivity even simpler From manufacturing, energy, and payment to initiatives supporting sustainable societies such as agriculture and disaster prevention, and even new products that create value through connectivity, over 20,000 customers across diverse industries and scales are utilizing SORACOM. Soracomaims to support the challenges of companies and developers with ideas by providing IoT and other technologies in a more user-friendly way in an era where everything is connected, working together to build a better society. 7

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IoT Connectivity Platform “SORACOM” 8 The cellular data network for deploying smart products anywhere you need to be SORACOM Air is a data communication service optimized for IoT. For cellular, it covers more than 160 countries and regions. It can also integrate with low-power consumption Sigfox, new cellular communication standards such as LTE-M, 5G, as well as Wi-Fi and satellite messaging. Line management is possible through the user console or API. It is used for large-scale projects handling tens to millions of devices from the PoC stage, as well as for consumer devices with built-in communication.

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IoT Connectivity Platform “SORACOM” A fully integrated suite of IoT products The services offered include closed network connections and remote access with security in mind, seamless cloud integration, data collection and dashboard sharing needed for data utilization, and device management required for large- scale projects – all essential functions for IoT system development and operation. Users can assemble these services like building blocks according to their needs, enabling them to utilize IoT systems quickly, even if they are not experts in the field. 9

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SORACOM Use Cases Initially, the intended users were for M2M (Machine to Machine) applications such as vehicle tracking and manufacturing monitoring. However, after the service launch, its versatility has led to its use in a wide variety of industries and applications far beyond our imagination. NIPPON GAS CO.,LTD(NICIGAS) 「SPACEHOTARU」 Digitizing gas meters for automatic meter reading, remote automatic meter opening/closing, and efficient delivery POCKETALK CORPORATION 「POCKETALK 」 Providing a voice interpreter that delivers the latest results through a cloud-based AI translation engine that learns daily 10 Kumamoto Prefecture, Hitoyoshi City "Lighting Disaster Alert System" Linking river water level sensors to light up bridges, visually conveying disaster information, and aiming for early evacuation

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SORACOM Use Cases MIXI, Inc. 「Mitene Mmamori GPS」 Developingachild-friendlyGPSdevice,"Mitene,"thatis easy for small children to carry, for parents with young kids CookpadInc. 「cookpad mart」 Securing food safety, distribution, temperature management, and locking mechanisms using cloud and IoT technology Kawasaki Co.,Ltd 「KAWASAKI Smart Connect」 Automatically recording tea leaf production, harvesting, and manufacturing processes with IoT; addressing agricultural challenges through digitalization 11

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Based on the knowledge gained in IoT, we are expanding the democratization of technology into new areas such as consumer eSIM and cloud cameras. New Challenges in Democratizing Technology SORACOM Professional Service Professional consultants accompany andsupportthelaunchofDXprojects Soracom Mobile eSIM data communication service for iPhone and iPad Soracom Cloud SMS Delivery Realizing various notifications and two-factor authentication with SMS sending service Sora-Cam A cloud camera service that allows continuous recording of camera footage to the cloud via Wi-Fi 12

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3. Working Environment

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A workplace focused on remote work, enabling creative work environments Fully utilizing remote work At Soracom, remote work is the main focus, allowing you to choose the location where you can be the most productive. Promoting collaboration with the new headquarters The new headquarters, which opened in February 2023, features concentration zones and communication zones, allowing for use according to specific needs. 14

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US EU / UK 日本 A hybrid team combining global and regional perspectives. At Soracom, there are regional teams for functions such as sales, marketing, and HR, while engineering operates as a global, unified team. Region Team Sales Marketing HR Sales Marketing HR Business Development SolutionArchitects Marketing/ PR Sora-Cam Sales Business Development HR/ Legal/ Finance and Accounting Leadership Team (CEO/COO/CTO/CFO) Outside Director Engineering Sales18% Business Development 5% Marketing/ PR 9% Solution Architects 10% Engineering 38% JP Team HR/ Legal/F&A 17% 15