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Aykut Bulgu Services Content Architect @ Red Hat @systemcraftsman The story of a Kafka CLI for Strimzi The Metam rphosis

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Traditional Kafka Journey A CLI might be your best friend

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Strimzi in Action Kafka in a different way

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Strimzi in Action Kafka in a different way Strimzi: Distributed Streaming with Apache Kafka in Kubernetes – Istanbul JUG, 2019 ...YAMLs, YAMLs and YAMLs everywhere:)

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Customers & DevOps Transformation A ferry before building the bridge

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Idea of a CLI for Strimzi The “aha” moment CI/CD with Tekton in a Multi-cluster OpenShift Environment Workshop – Devnot Community, Feb 2020

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Strimzi Kafka CLI The Metamorphosis

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Talk is cheap, show me the demo

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Resources If you want more…

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