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Async Routing in Ember.js Luke Melia Ember.js NYC Meetup September 18th, 2012

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About this Embereño 2

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■ /yapps/:yapp_id ■ /pages/:page_id ■ Loading a Yapp will sideload its pages 3 Simple routing example

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4 Simple routing example

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6 Working example: Synchronous Load (No problem)

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7 Working example: Asynchronous Load (Uh oh)

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■ If deserialize returns a promise, the Router will enter a loading state and until the promise resolves. ■ Promises are detected based on presence of then method. 8 Solution: The Ember Router Understands Promises

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■ “A promise represents the eventual value returned from the single completion of an operation.” ■ 9 What are promises?

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■ Has a function “then”: ■ then(fulfilledHandler, errorHandler) ■ Adds a fulfilledHandler and errorHandler to be called for completion of a promise. The fulfilledHandler is called when the promise is fulfilled. The errorHandler is called when a promise fails. 10 What are promises?

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11 Working example: Async Load with Promises (No Problem)

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Loading Indicator ■ The loading state can connect an outlet or update controllers on enter and exit to present a loading indicator. 12

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Loading States ■ Note that you need a loading state on every parent of a route that will return a promise from deserialize. 13

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Future Plans ■ ember-data will eventually provide promises automatically (without using jQuery) ■ For a jQuery-based mixin that you can use for now, see 45b100e8dc9bcb3069be 14

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Other Uses ■ Promises can wait on anything ■ For example: CSS or Javascript modules to be loaded 15

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Warning: Router API is in flux ■ A fresh API is currently being added to the Ember router in master ■ Heavier emphasis on rendering templates ■ Async behavior will likely remain consistent 16

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Q & A Follow me @lukemelia Some examples appear courtesy of my company, Yapp (which is hiring now or soon). Creative Commons photo credits: 17