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How  to  act  like  you   (maybe  actually)   care  about  your  work   Jacob  Mather   @PoweredByJAM  

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HI!  I’m  Jacob  Mather   IRC:  jmather   Twi;er:  @PoweredByJAM   Blog:   Symfony  fanaDc  since  0.something   Co-­‐Founder  of  Point  Five  Foundry  

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Be  A  Part  of  a  Community   • IRC   • Forums   • Mailing  Lists   • User  Groups   • Bug  Reports   • Patches  /  Pull  Requests   Jacob  Mather   @PoweredByJAM  

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Educate  Yourself  Continuously     “If  you’re  not  growing,    you’re  dying”   -­‐  Monty  Bishop   Jacob  Mather   @PoweredByJAM  

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Ways  To  Learn   • Read  documentaDon  on  new  tools   • Take  a  tutorial  for  a  new  language   • Follow  developer’s  blogs  and  twi;er   accounts   • Take  on  a  pet  project   • Freelance   • Teach  others   Jacob  Mather   @PoweredByJAM  

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Automate  Everything     Anything  you  have  to  do  by  hand,   you  can  (and  will)  mess  up.   Eventually.   Jacob  Mather   @PoweredByJAM  

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“Computers  are  great  at  doing   the  same  thing  the  same  way   every  Dme  you  ask  it  to.   Humans,  not  so  much”   -­‐  Chris  Hartjes   @grmpyprogrammer   Automate  Your  Testing   Jacob  Mather   @PoweredByJAM  

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Automate  Your  Deployment       “Prayer  should  not  be  part  of  the   steps  in  the  deployment  process”   -­‐ Ayende  Rahien   @ayende   Jacob  Mather   @PoweredByJAM  

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“SoYware  developers  tend  to  be   soYware  addicts  who  think  their   job  is  to  write  code.  But  it's  not.   Their  job  is  to  solve  problems.”   -­‐  Jeff  Atwood   @CodingHorror   Realize  Your  Actual  Job   Jacob  Mather   @PoweredByJAM  

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Be  sure  that  it  is  a  problem   your  client  actually  has…   And  that  your  client   can  understand   your  soluDon   When  Solving  Problems:   Jacob  Mather   @PoweredByJAM   h;p://  

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They  can  actually  help.   Get  Along  With  Your  Coworkers   Jacob  Mather   @PoweredByJAM  

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Jacob  Mather   IRC:  jmather   Twi;er:  @PoweredByJAM   Blog:   Symfony  fanaDc  since  0.something   Co-­‐Founder  of  Point  Five  Foundry