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October 18, 2021 Scholarships University of Maryland

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Vicarious Learning Vicarious learning is a type of learning derived from indirect sources such as observation, rather than direct instruction. The word “vicar” comes from the Latin “I see,” which means “to transport.” In Spanish, it has a symbolic meaning: with vicarious learning, information or learning is transferred from one person to another through observation.”

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2 0 2 0 Scholarships Now Open ✤ Apply from October 1, 2018 through December 6 . ✤ Your online application and portfolio is fully editable until the deadline . ✤ Winners are announced spring semester . ✤ CPOY/NPPF

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Moriah Ratner 2018 Rich Clarkson and Reid Blackburn

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Scholarship Pools ✤ All scholarships are $2,000 . ✤ Kit King, Bob Baxter, James Brown & Frank Folwell, Bob East, Reid Blackburn, Jimi Lott, C. Thomas Hardin and Mary C. Hardin, NPPF Still and Multimedia, Son y ✤ NPPF T V ✤ Rich Clarkson Founders Scholarship

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NPPF TV ✤ This scholarship is for television photojournalism or multimedia students specializing in video . ✤ Three stories are suf fi cient ! ✤ Provide a direct link to YouTube or Vimeo (not TV station website) . ✤ De fi ne your role in a joint production . ✤ Stills are not required and will not be viewed.

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Steve Sweitzer, past NPPA president

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Clarkson ✤ This scholarship stresses leadership . ✤ One additional recommender is required . ✤ One additional essay question on leadership is required . ✤ This scholarship may be awarded in addition to any other scholarship.

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Bob Lynn Grant – Open to students and professionals A $4,000 grant will be offered for ten years beginning in 2020. “Our profession has a long history of helping to make a difference,” said Bob Lynn. “Some images were taken in dramatic situations — Eddie Adams, street execution; Nick Ut, naked child running from Vietnam War; Charles Moore, Civil Rights protest, dog attack, Birmingham.” “But other made a difference in more obscure settings — Dorthea Lange, Migrant Mother, California; Eugene Smith, toxic shell fi sh, Minamata, Japan; Donna Ferato, domestic violence in America.”

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Alan Hagman Grant – Open to students and professionals The $5,000 Alan Hagman Grant is offered annually to facilitate projects ranging from human rights to environmental issues. A creative approach to important stories that might otherwise go untold is highly valued.

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Power of 1 0 ✤ Maximum of 10 entrie s ✤ Categorie s ✤ Singles (unrelated stills, maximum of 10 images ) ✤ Picture stories (maximum of 10 images ) ✤ Videos (multimedia)

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Picture Stories ✤ Tell a story beyond a collection of picture s ✤ Beginning, middle and end

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Videos (Multimedia) ✤ Tell a story . ✤ Consider sound as a equal partner to pictures . ✤ B-roll should compliment what is said . ✤ Provide a direct link to video on YouTube or Vimeo . ✤ You may incorporate stills in the video . ✤ Use LS, MS and CU shots following 180 rule.

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Captions ✤ All still photographs must have them . ✤ Captions should be unique for each pictur e ✤ Provide: Who, What, When, Where, and How.

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Editable Online Portfolio ✤ There are three parts: contact information, images and application . ✤ All may be edited up until the deadline . ✤ Create your account (may be used in subsequent years) . ✤ Immediately create your portfolio application. ✤ Why? This sends an automatic email to your recommender with a link to submit your recommendation.

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Order Your Images ✤ For picture stories, it is important that judges view your images in the order you intend. ✤ Drag and drop to create the story order.

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Editing Your Work ✤ Critically edit your work . ✤ Resist the urge to submit 10 images in a picture story if only seven are good images. Substandard images can drag a story down . ✤ If you only have four good entries for your portfolio, don’t enter seven.

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Passion ✤ “From indifference, strong images cannot be made.” National Geographic Photographer Bill Allard . ✤ “As far as common mistakes go, many student photographers are told that they need to have breaking news, sports, and features to round out their portfolio. I do not necessarily agree with this advice, and I think it leads to cookie-cutter portfolio editing - I see right through that. I like to see work that re fl ects what the student is passionate about and wants to pursue in their career.” Portfolio judge.

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Passion ✤ “They should edit so we see their eye and not just to try to put check marks next to a variety of categories such as sports, spot news, disabled person of the moment, etc.” Portfolio judge.

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Contact ✤ If you have questions please contact me . ✤ [email protected] ✤ 317-691-253 8 ✤ To review this presentation : ✤